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Judge Napolitano Blasts NSA Snooping

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Fox News' Shep Smith blasted the NSA snooping and the Obama Administration.


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Loved the ending

"We're not letting this go. Not for a moment. Not letting this go."

We're a dog with a toy, and unfortunately, that toy is unconstitutional behavior.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I am

A little confused about all this. I just recently saw Fox News cover this and the media clown is acting in outrage. I find this odd because Republicans are the ones that passed the Patriot Act in law. Plus they were doing this to us way more than 7 years. They only had it down on paper for 7 years.

I am a little confused about

I am a little confused about your reply. What does pointing fingers accomplish? And when did a talking head represent an entire party. This tribalism mentality is the same exclusionary behavior that alienates moderates and independents from the liberty movement. 'Us and them' is a suckers game.

Talk show personalities are easily controlled, by ratings. Case and point: Rachel Meadows. I disagree with most of her political views, but when she did a report during the last primaries, about Ron Paul getting snubbed by the republican party, her ratings and online chatter nearly doubled thanks to websites like this. I'm sure the initial report was to show how crappy the republicans are even to each other, but after the rating bump she started following and reporting specifically on Ron Paul. Sadly it was some of the only National Coverage of the last campaign.

If you agree with what Shep Smith is saying right now, Then share, and keep the chatter going. The more news coverage on something like this the better. Use what you can when you can. Evolve.

That is

the whole point of my post. I am confused. Are Republicans finally getting it? I guess so

And I agree with you. I do share it with others. It is just confusing because they were once for all this.