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Bill Maher: too "scared" to stand up for 4th Amendment

Bill Maher, self described left libertarian says he's too scared of nukes to condemn spying while Obama is president. Might reconsider if majority of liberals disagree or if Ted Cruz elected president.

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he's a jew, so what do you expect, stupid goyim?


Bill Maher sucks. "There are

Bill Maher sucks. "There are religious fanatics and nukes and I'm scared". Tell that to the Japanese who had some Christians blow the hell outta them in the 40s.... hypocritical bs in every liberal argument I've ever heard. Ignoring historical facts and acting as though we are different than the "fanatics" he is afraid of... I can't stand the world we live in right now. But I keep my head up and it moving... for liberty... till death.