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Karen Hudes Update - All encompasing interview with Ernest Hancock. Explores both ends of the spectrum.

This is an interview she did with Ernest Hancock last Thursday. Ernest is a self proclaimed anarcho capitalist. Ernest does a good job letting Karen get her message out until the on air show comes to an end. He then has an off air discussion with her that is really interesting. I think the whole interview is very well done, but I think the points Ernest makes in Pt 4 are GOLDEN. This recording has no commericals but contains all of the 'off air' discussion.

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2 different means to the same end--

I came away thinking we have to use both means--not one or the other.

Ernie's 4th quarter,lol, rant was spot on, except for the part: "We the grassroots, the little people ARE doing something about it!!!! We're ignoring them!!" Figuring out a way around them is good. But ignoring them is dangerous. They are receiving our tax dollars for their funding, Ernie. I want that money back. I want these crooks prosecuted. I sure as hell don't won't to see this racket continue, which it will if we ignore them.

That's where Karen comes in. Her bottom line has always been: Transparency and Enforce The Rule Of Law. I certainly agree.

Ernie right, too. It's beyond our control to watch so many, even if we manage to clean house. These "interlocking directors" are in every govt's business, every institution, Agency, Wall Street, global markets, and, sadly, the Supreme Courts.

We can go two ways: 1. Use the Rule of Law — which could take a generation to bring these two institutions into compliance and clean house, or, 2. Have a French Revolution style "Off with their heads"—only global— and then whoever remains alive, can sit down at the table together, to figure out the next step. No thanks. Besides, I have a pretty good idea who'll be left at the table.

Conclusion (a work in progress) — maybe global trade isn't all it's cracked up to be. If countries WANT to do business together, they'll figure it out. But if one small group of power grabbers controls the world trade, who needs global trade. They do. Do we?

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


I listened to all 4 parts... just finished.
First, thanks base1aransas for taking the time to create the youtube..
I really admire your commitment. Seriously. :)
I know Earnest Hancock... pretty well.. having lived in Phoenix during the entire Ron Paul r3volution starting in 2007.. he's never stopped being 'Earnest' (if you know what I mean :)

He's not being rude... he's being 'Earnest'... as always.

I got more out of this Hudes interview than the others... it helped fill in some blanks from HER side.. HER story. I liked it.

Thanks so much again for it.. and staying on top of her sojourn.

i thought it was good

for the most part. the interviewer could have been nicer, but perhaps he was pandering to his audience.

i have been a bit frustrated with hudes, because nobody in the government cares about the rule of law, and i don't see how taking that route is going to change things. not when they have all the fire power.

i'm still not sure what it is she wants the people to do. calling and writing and voting doesn't seem to correct much of anything.

Hancock sounds like a boob.

Hancock sounds like a boob. Talking like he has a fourth grade education does not add credibility.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

What is quite funny.

Is this message HITS the problem square on the head.

But this board is full of losers thinking they stand for something. They have no clue.

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I thought it was a really interesting interview from BOTH points

of view.