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Louisiana ...... ******UPDATE*****

Because the corporate media has ignored this process we have had to rely on reports on the ground from various parishes around the state. These are unconfirmed and from various sources but all reports indicate that Ron Paul has scored at least 46 of 95 alternates selected and also will win more delegates than any other candidate. Romney and McCain were the only other candidates to have a serious presence in the state, with Romney supporters being the majority in one caucus. All other reports are that Ron Paul supporters were in the majority at all other caucus meetings.

Don't expect to hear much about it from the corporate media, but Louisiana today begins the process that will determine who 24, and likely 44, of it's 47 Republican delegates will support for President. Unlike a media-driven primary process, in this setting what matters are "boots on the ground" and strength of commitment to one's candidates. Though the final delegates will be picked later, if the ones picked today are for your guy in majority then odds are they will be for your guy when the picking is technically done. The delegates and alternates chosen today will pick who 24 of the National Convention delegates are and are slated to pick 20 more delegates later. The only way that can change is if some candidate gets a majority of the primary vote on Feb. 9th- an unlikely prospect at this point.

And guess who is expected to get more delegates than anyone else out of Louisiana today?.........

From "best of New Orleans"..

"The biggest surprise to come out of Louisiana's GOP delegate process thus far involves Ron Paul, the Texas congressman mounting a quasi-libertarian campaign that has been defined by its grassroots organization. Dore says the Paul campaign dropped off a 'whole slate" of delegates about two weeks ago " a surprise showing that wasn't expected. If any controversy arises from the delegate process, it will be from Paul's camp. 'We're being watchful, though, because we want to make sure all of the delegates were registered Republicans before the Nov. 30 deadline," Dore says, adding there was a great deal of interest expressed by nonparty voters about switching to the GOP in support of Paul. 'We started contacting registrars of voters in 17 parishes yesterday about roughly 90 people, the vast majority of which were signed up for Ron Paul.""

The article did not mention it, but no other campaign had a full slate of delegates.


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Just remember this ....

those "Republicans" who deem us unworthy of "their" party will be on their knees in November begging for our vote as they watch the Grand Old Party go down in flames.

I just did a google news search for "louisiana caucuses" I got

9 pages latest one is 6 hours old. Here is the search URL


Do they have the internets in LA? It's like a black hole.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Will the official campaign

Say anything about how it went?

Ganging up on us

We need to learn a lesson from all this. They will do anything to keep us from legally and righfully winning. We need to infiltrate and join their campaigns so that we can see what dirty tricks they will come up with. Someone should have known that those flyers would be distributed.

We also need to stop being too vocal and deceive them into believing that we support the other candidates. Of course, those on our team should know we support Ron. It is being deceitful, but we cannot win playing by their stacked rules!

Peace, Liberty, Prosperity

Peace, Liberty, Prosperity

This is the junk that

This is the junk that corrupts every politician. Everyone says "well we just have to do a little bit of sketchy stuff then once we're in power we'll do good." I don't buy that.

I agree.

How did we not see this.

That story was published BEFORE the caucuses.

Yeah, we looked good going in and were leading any ONE competitor.

HOWEVER, it seems they ganged up and floated a slate of "uncommitted" delegates i.e. "anybody but Paul" which ended up winning the lion's share of delegates.

Now, when the "provisional" ballots are vetted and counted, RP might do quite well. But he has already lost to "uncommitted" in a couple of large caucuses.

That is my best understanding of the situation after a day of enquiry and being labeled an idiotic alarmist when I first posted regarding this nonsense this morning.

I'm confused...someone please clarify

if that is possible. From various sites on the web, I'm under the impression that this "pro-life/pro family" grouping of delegates? got the majority of votes in LA. Because it is not for a single candidate that would probably mean (correct me if I'm wrong) that Ron Paul won the most delegates, primary and especially alternates. This has to be the most confusing caucus I've ever seen to date. I'm just trying to figure out the who the winning delegates are committed to (if any) and how many.

Just more deceitful politics

The Pro-life/Pro-Family slate was a fusion of the other 4 candidates. In other words, they ganged up together under 1 group just to beat Ron Paul. The Paul campaign had so much support that not one of them could beat Dr. Paul on their own. In fact, Ron Paul was the ONLY candidate to enter 15 delegates and 15 alternates in every single district. They knew they were in trouble and that we were going to win the entire state of LA. So they resorted to underhanded tactics to win. Every other state needs to pay attention to what happened to us last night and do what you need to do to prevent it happening in your state also.

I suggest having "sleeper" delegates installed in their campaigns; but watch out for the same thing in our camps. Be 100% sure of your delegates.

Good point, every RP

Good point, every RP supporter should read this.


How can they not give Ron the delegates on the news websites? I mean, They have report the delegates accordingly right?

What the hell is going on?!?!?!

Has anyone tried to contact Ron Paul headquarters?? They must know the real story by now. Did he win the damn caucus or not?!?!??!


He did NOT win the caucus. Thompson, Huckabee, and Guiliani supporters which did not have a complete slate of delegates saw that we were organized and ready to take over the state party. They got together, made Pro-Life ballots with their delegates names on it and whooped us hard.

We should have seen this coming. We should have been playing the pro-life crowd here anyway. Yes they had the advantage of being able to extend qualifying, and yes they knew who had it together and who didn't. But that is politics.

Take all this as lessons for other states. What to maybe expect, how to head it off at the pass, and how to neutralize their efforts before they even try.

If we let this happen in any other states, it's our own fault.

So how exactly do we stop

So how exactly do we stop this from happening in other states in the future? This is critical info that we need if we are going to win.