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What if Snowden's leak is a trick to make the data legal, and then use it against us?

Snowden in an interview with Greenwald:

...this is something that's not our place to decide, the public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong.

...eventually you realize that these things need to be determined by the public and not by somebody who was simply hired by the government.

From Economic Policy Journal:

Are the Data Collection Leaks Just a Set Up by the Government? ... I suspect what may be going on is that the USG may be wanting to use in court cases some of the data they are collecting. BUT in order to do this, they have to acknowledge they have the data in the first place, which may be what the leak is all about.

Now that the public is aware this data is collected, Congress will hold hearings, not resulting in the end of the practice, but to ultimately set "guidelines" on when it can be used.

[N]ow that this data collection is being made public, to me the real danger is that the government is now going to be able to openly use it against its subjects--which may have been the purpose of the leaks in the first place.

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Your implication is that the gov't needs the law

To do whatever it wants to do.


Thank God people are waking up to

the Snowden/Greenwald debacle. An orchestrated "attack" from the Left.
The "revelations" they trumpeted weren't to protect your freedoms and to inform you about your government, they are being used to create social unrest and to guide control of the internet into the waiting arms of the UN.
Mr Greenwald is so concerned about the Government's behavior, and is so anxious that you know about it, that he is waiting until his new company is set up first, so the he will profit handsomely from it when he does spill his guts.
Those canny communists always seem to be able to make YOU pay for YOUR destruction.
Please note the dates on these articles.

Legalizing NSA data

from WSJ:

For the first time, the U.S. government notified a terror suspect that one of the National Security Agency's far-reaching surveillance programs was used to build a criminal case against him, setting the stage for a constitutional challenge.

The notification was filed to the lawyer of Jamshid Muhtorov, who is charged in Colorado with providing material support to a designated terrorist organization, specifically the Islamic Jihad Union. Authorities say he sought to travel to Syria to join a group of fighters there.

The notification to Mr. Muhtorov's lawyer marks the first time the government has acknowledged a criminal case against a terror defendant was derived at least in part from communications gathered by the NSA. Based on court documents, it appears in Mr. Muhtorov's case the government monitored his emails and Internet usage, though they also tracked his telephone


Have we considered the

Have we considered the possibility that the Econ Policy Journal post is a covert CIA disinfo to divide support for Snowden by raising questions about his sincerity? Moreover, it could well be that the court cases that follow these revelations will be decided in favor of the plaintiffs as a way to throw people off to think that there is still constitutional due process in the courts, only as a set up for a higher court to overturn the lower courts decision to create the appearance of proper procedure being followed. This might just be a bait and switch to allow the Obama admin to appear judicious and fair by pardoning Snowden, the double agent, in order to demonstrate to the public that our leaders would never abuse these powers which are merely necessary for nation al security. However, this is all just a preliminary to a leak that will be forthcoming soon according to unnamed sources, that Obama will be revealed soon as a Kenyan born but in fact Reptillian (half reptilian, half black) and impeached as a set up for a fake opposition led by insider Rand Paul who is being groomed to usher in all of the goals of the shadow security apparatus under the cover and symbolism of the constitution and liberty. This series of maneuvers is the stepping stone for a pre-ordained financial crisis and series of false flag attacks designed to discredit double agent Rand Pauls libertarian programs and convince the public of the need to return to the original policies first exposed by the orchestrated leaks of Snowden. I know all this to be true but for the safety of my sources I can only ask you to trust me.

"Snowden, the double agent"

^ Clown-speak. Funny how I had to read a paragraph of your nonsense to quit reading.

That's because you have an

That's because you have an anemic sense of humor, and don't realize when the joke is on you. derp.

I'm not infallible.

But I have been online since spring 2003, I have seen many misinfo and disinfo B.S. stories and lies perpetuated, propagated, promoted, then pummelled into oblivion; the "crumbling." I have a 156 genius level IQ, am an elementary school dropout, and I am right way more than I am wrong. I say that anybody who says Ed Snowden somehow is a purposeful trick, is either a) purposely lying, or b) has no idea what they're talking about. I haven't concluded what I think of you but having seen several of your recent comments on various subjects, I would argue 'b'.



Always cooking up a

Always cooking up a conspiracy theory. That's what I love about this place.

Cooking up?

They grow like mushrooms, because of the shiit (statist propoganda) that they are fed.

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Always using ones BRAIN

to think about the possibilities and make ones own mind up vs. blindly accepting what you're told by a corrupt media/government. I might recommend that you put your brain to use, and stop calling people names because they are thinking about possibilities.

BTW, name calling = ignorance.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Regardless if this is set up

Regardless if this is set up by the CIA or not, when there are events like this it opens up a window for either the Gov or the People to make their move. Just like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings, every event is used to push their agenda but also every event is an opportunity for the people to fight back and gain solidarity against the gov if we win. Sandy Hook is a good example, we fought hard and now the 2nd Ammendment holds more value that ever before.

Once the people gain a few victories they realize they CAN make a difference and this scares the gov. more than anything. That is why they shut down the airport scanners a few years ago when we tried to have our "Opt out Day". The gov will do anything it can to prevent us from uniting against them and want to keep us in a state of hopelessness or apathy.

Instead of arguing if this is a set up or not, lets use this window to fight HARD on all activism fronts and gain another victory for the people. We need to start calling Senators, Congressmen, set up flyers. I want to get a protest going at the NSA facility here in UT to get the public to know exactly what they are building now that the public is suspicious of their intent.

If this is a set up and the NSA activity becomes legal we lose big time. But if we rally and block it, it will be a huge egg or their face and make it extremely hard to push their agenda forward with the people more aware and distrustful of everything they do. To the sheep we are still the freest country in the world and the gov has to come up with all sorts of BS to maintain this frame of reference. If we blow their cover they are screwed.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

What if...

I understand it is important to ask questions, but the degree of conspiracy theory around here makes the liberty movement look like idiots.

Labeling is a cognitive distortion

and we already know that cass sunstein recommended cognitive infiltration of social activist groups.

There are also conspiracy facts, which can connect with this theory.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

Do you have

better information?

how so??

to me believing a CIA agent at face value makes you look like an idiot. There are some things about this that smell fishy, not saying he isn't legit, just would like to have a couple concerns logically explained, and I appreciate a forum that isn't scared to do that.

So please explain, how does this make me an idiot?

Snowden's Snowjob

Once CIA, always CIA.

Wikipedia: Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983)[1] is an American technical contractor, whistleblower, and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee.

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Trust no one, believe nothing.

Suspect everything.

"What if the American people learn the truth..."

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

I suspect that you are a CIA

I suspect that you are a CIA agent trying to discredit the Daily Paul with stupid remarks.

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WOW, that comment was not nice :(

Just saying in reference to the post, that to believe that Snowden is a plant is to be suspicious of everyone, to see a conspiracy in everything.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Nah I don't think so

They prefer changing public opinion slowly so as not to actually wake anyone one up of stir them from their apathy

this is a big slap in the face for a lot of people. And that only causes problems for the Administration, the congress, and the intelligence thugs. Because it sparks a huge debate about freedom in America

This is a CIA and NSA laundering technique

This could be a ruse to give the public a chance to digest and to accept the practice, and for congress to legalize and regulate use of the data in court.

This could be the first step for them to launder what they did and give it a new level of usefulness.


Compare this with say.. a 'false flag' event.
The do the cointel/psyop operations to scare, then guide.
They (also) are 'opportunists'.. taking advantage of REAL events..
(never let a good crisis go to waste... etc.)
This is SO antithetical to the goal of a police state..
that I am gonna have to say no.

How can they take advantage... of this REAL event?
Well... they 'could' simply (finally) pull the financial plug
and employ their police state infrastructure at anytime.

It's a trump move though... I don't think they're 'quite' ready.


Thanks for posting this. Something about the whole thing just doesn't seem to sit right with me, like how it all seems coordinated.

Does it matter either way?

There are thousands and thousands of protesters all across Turkey over the tearing down of some trees.

Here - the US citizen is dropped a nuclear bomb on their very freedom and the bedrock of the principles of this country - only a few short weeks after Memorial Day none the less - and they do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

Where are the youth rising up and marching(I believe most colleges are out so they have nothing to do)? Where are the veterans marching(yeh - all you marching in that parade supposedly honoring those who died protecting - what - freedom or tyranny)? Where are the active duty soldiers laying down weapons and declaring their moral objection(yes, you can do this and the worst that can happen in you get a BCD).

Who really gives a shit if a puppet court of the government says its legal - any 5 year old can read the damn 4th amendment and know it is not.
A moral society needs no govenment to tell them what is moral - it is in the heart of moral person whos compass does not sway with public opinion and legislation.
I would no sooner go rape,kill, rob, etc if they made it legal tomorrow- for my moral compass tells me it is wrong and that is my guiding prinicpal.

I know this is wrong - I dont give a crap what "they" say.

I also know that as long as this country stays complacent and does not rise up and demand change and accountability - we are going down - plain and simple.

I doubt it is a trick

But you are correct, IF the general public just goes "meh" to this information, we will have essentially voted our privacy away.

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True whistleblowers are attacked, demonized, and persecuted.

Prior to their coming forward, they had near impeccable records and had all to lose and little or nothing to gain by their actions. Whistleblowing is a game and life changer, without any tangible compensation, except the knowledge that they did the right thing. The description fits Snowden, Manning, Ellsberg, and Assange.

So far, this is like saying Ron Paul is a plant, Rand Paul is a plant, Alex Jones, Ben Swann, and Judge Nap are plants. Recognizing 'the real deal' comes with the actions, the repercussions, and the test of time.

If this was the NSA's game strategy all along

then all we can hope for is that it blows back in their faces. They've used the 'safety' card once too many times.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Snowden a Manufactured Hero?

Several in-depth articles by Scott Creighton ask critical questions about the motives of Edward Snowden, including whether or not Snowden is a "manufactured hero".
Worth considering.




Thank you for the links. My

Thank you for the links. My assumption is along the lines of the articles you posted. This line says it all.

"He claims he doesn’t want to live in a world like this… but it didn’t seem to bother him for 4 years while he was raking in $200,000 a year living like a king in Hawaii with his girlfriend."