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What if Snowden's leak is a trick to make the data legal, and then use it against us?

Snowden in an interview with Greenwald:

...this is something that's not our place to decide, the public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong.

...eventually you realize that these things need to be determined by the public and not by somebody who was simply hired by the government.

From Economic Policy Journal:

Are the Data Collection Leaks Just a Set Up by the Government? ... I suspect what may be going on is that the USG may be wanting to use in court cases some of the data they are collecting. BUT in order to do this, they have to acknowledge they have the data in the first place, which may be what the leak is all about.

Now that the public is aware this data is collected, Congress will hold hearings, not resulting in the end of the practice, but to ultimately set "guidelines" on when it can be used.

[N]ow that this data collection is being made public, to me the real danger is that the government is now going to be able to openly use it against its subjects--which may have been the purpose of the leaks in the first place.

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The Washington Post also did joint coverage....

"When the CIA wants to leak something, they go to The Washington Post."---Pepe Escobar

Not only the CIA, but most of the alphabet govt. orgs do it too.

Dont think so.

When you listen to the video, he speaks with an honesty that just can't be manufactured. Its not just the way he is talking but the words that he uses. The ideas that he is throwing around. For instance, the whole, china is not our enemy, maybe the governments have problems but we as the citizens dont...

He is a true liberty lover. There is no doubt in my mind.


While hypothetically possible

While hypothetically possible this is the case, we are still better off than we had been. Since the intelligence agencies basically do whatever they want anyway unless they are actually stopped.

The use of the data was limited until now

The NSA wanted this to come out in the open, so that people can debate it and congress can regulate and legalize it.

This is their scheme to launder their practice so that it has a new level of usefulness to the government against us.

Schemes often backfire. The

Schemes often backfire. The only thing that is important at this point, is making sure that if it was a scheme that it does backfire.

I seriously doubt it was. According to those in the alphabet agency and oval offices, it already was legal. Its not like they were under any sort of threat, where someone was going to come and shut them down or have them arrested.

Legalization and Regulation

Snowden is not against the spying, he just wants the public to decide if it's okay.

This is the first step needed for the legalization of this data.

1. The public becomes aware of this practice.

2. The public decides that this practice is okay in order to keep us safe.

3. The data can now be used in court against anyone for any and all data that is collected.