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What are the alternatives? Skype, Windows, Facebook, Gmail etc. (NSA spying)

A lot of people are asking, what can I do? Why not use alternatives that we can support or use today to get around spying from our own government?

My question is, what are good alternatives to the most commonly used programs and applications that the NSA has already been found to monitor?

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Jitsi with an XMPP server for real time communication

Jitsi supports ZRTP. You can use it with SIP and XMPP. I recommend using it with XMPP because Jitsi also supports OTR with XMPP whereas with SIP it does not.

ZRTP protocol:


Prosody, an XMPP server written in Lua:

For store-and-forward messaging there's a new project called Bitmessage that's pretty neat. Too bad the internet isn't fast enough to support voice communication while avoiding traffic analysis.

Dwolla instead of PayPal...

Free 10$ & under 25 cents per transaction over 10$. Fcuck PayPal for really !

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

And let's not forget Freedombox

It's a one stop router, web and email server, skype-like voip, firewall, data encryption and much more.

Best of all is that it's a mesh-connected device that will reconnect via WiFi if it doesn't have an ISP connection. With enough of them (like around 70% penetration in a city), none of them would need a paid ISP connection and total bandwidth would soar.

Facebook alternative: Diaspora

Someone on Reddit posted that this was a good alternative to Facebook. It is decentralized and you can move your data anywhere you like.




Linux instead of Windows
email instead of Facebook (there's a million different network sites, join everything that isn't owned by a big corp)
Hushmail (or Startpage, when it is up) instead of Gmail
ixQuick instead of Google

And someone mentioned Jitsi instead of Skype.

Jitsi, Skype alternative...

Someone posted that Jitsi is a good program for voice and video calls.