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Beware of Federal Debt Relief System and their Lies About Ron Paul

The Federal Debt Relief System is a sponsor and advertiser on the Genesis Communications Network (Alex Jones,Jack Blood..). I called them because I was interested in their services and because their website is right on about the Federal Reserve and Monetary system. And the bottom of their website there is even a Ron Paul Banner.


At first, I was treated very kindly and respectfully and had many questions about thier program. I was told that in 18 months they could eliminate my debt and repair my credit. Naturally, I was skeptical. The sales rep said they guaranteed the elimination of all of my debt and its removal from my credit report. I was more skeptical. I then asked, if he wouldn't mind telling me who he was planning on voting for in California's primary (this is where they are based). He says Hillary Clinton! I said wow! She supports or remains silences about all of the offenses the Feds and The Bankers make against the American people how does that work? He said he takes everything in to consideration. Look at their website and then tell me how any employ of theirs could say such a thing! I told him there was a candidate who knew everything about the Feds we had been discussing. He said, Ron Paul? I said yes.

Then, he proceeds to tell me that the company supports Ron Paul and that (and this brings me to my posting) Ron Paul supports this company and endorses their service!!!!! Not one but two employees told me this the rep and his supervisor. Something about the ceo and Paul being friends. This cannot be true. These people asked me for ALL of my personal and most private info before see anything in righting. When I did see the contract it stated very clearly that they could not guarantee anything! When I asked questions about the contract and them telling me one thing and then the contract saying the something altogether different, they became rude and unprofessional and defensive! So you get the point the experience was awful and the amount of lies they got caught in between sales rep and supervisor is amazing.

So I called the campaign immediately to infom them of this fraudulent company using Ron Paul's good name to lure in customers from his support base! They are handling the matter.

I just really want to warn all of you about this company. I know at Ron Paul Forums there is even a thread about this company as people we should associate with!! Please Beware! And also I have been trying to contact anyone at GCN to notify them of this horrible sponsor and no one has returned my calls. I have been calling their other sponsors and asking them how they feel being on the same list as this company of liars and to have them please request GCN to drop them from their list of sponsors as to protect their own good names.

Sorry for the long rant I am still a little upset. But I wanted to Warn you all of this company. Leave your thoughts if you have any of them or tell us if you have had any experience with the Federal Debt Relief System. OHHH THE NERVE OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!

OK I'm out.

Sorry for the awful grammer and spelling.