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Let's Be Reasonable About This "Edward Snowden" Character

I know we're all excited about this guy, but let's take a step back and be reasonable before jumping to any wild conclusions.

Have we considered the possibility that Snowden leak is orchestrated to provide names of targetted individuals as a path to courts ruling on the constitutional legality of the programs, thus formalizing them?

This was suggested in an Econ Policy Journal post.

Digging a little deeper, let's not write off the possibility that that blog post is a covert CIA disinfo vehicle to divide support for Snowden by raising questions about his sincerity?

Moreover, it could well be that the court cases that follow these revelations will be decided in favor of the plaintiffs as a way to throw people off to think that there is still constitutional due process in the courts, only as a set up for a higher court to overturn the lower courts decision to create the appearance of proper procedure being followed.

This might just be a bait and switch to allow the Obama admin to appear judicious and fair by pardoning Snowden, the double agent, in order to demonstrate to the public that our leaders would never abuse these powers which are merely necessary for national security.

However, this is all just a preliminary to a leak that will be forthcoming soon according to unnamed sources, that Obama will be revealed as a Kenyan-born, but in fact Reptillian (actually half reptilian, half black) and impeached, as a set up for a fake opposition led by insider Rand Paul, who is being groomed to usher in all of the goals of the shadow security apparatus under the cover and symbolism of the constitution and liberty.

This series of maneuvers is the stepping stone for a pre-ordained financial crisis and series of false flag attacks designed to discredit double agent Rand Paul's libertarian programs and convince the public of the need to return to the original policies first exposed by the orchestrated leaks of Snowden.

I know all this to be true but for the safety of my sources I can only ask you to trust me

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My analysis was premature

I think it's America that is swirling low in the porcelain rabbit hole.

I won't be a bit surprised to learn that obama really is a reptile from Kenya. And you can say "na na na boo boo" ;)

Just open the box and see

I think

he's being used to get the American people all riled up before some events that transpire over the coming months that cause a severe "Summer of Discontent".

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav


You bring up good points. I think (hope) Snowden is sincere, and until it is proven (or close to it) that he is not, I will throw my support behind the man (we all know that he needs it).

But your questions are legit ones that are all possible (and funny as well).

Well done.

~ Peace Love Revolution ~

The rabbit hole

your swirling around may be made of porcelain. ;)

One toke too many? lol.

Just kidding, love the piece, thanks. :)

Just open the box and see

We have been Snowden.

We have been Snowden.

Ha ha...

Great satire!

I show my appreciation

I show my appreciation because of what he did, if hes a shill, then hes a pretty stupid one, unless the goal is to cause more mistrust toward government, then mission accomplished

I dont discount your weariness, i wont deny its possibility, IF he is, then id gander they fucked up

Offcourse, untill its proven, ill judge by his actions, if he says, or does something you, i, or anyone else disagrees with, well, thats the beauty of being free....might not be pretty sometimes....but if you deny liberty her freedom for security, we'll never again know or experience those times of "undescribable love?beauty?"...freedom.....?

if you knew

what the possible real outcome of this may be would you put it on the net.there are people with the knowledge to know how this has the greatest capacity to be a trap...how can any one doubt that the playbook is extremeo..

It's possible

They always use these incidents to their own advantage...that's probably why they're reporting it in the first place. We know how they bury stuff they don't want reported.



+1 for satirizing what so

+1 for satirizing what so rightly deserves to be satirized.