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Ron Paul Money 'Dump' - www.BostonTVParty.com

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For those of you who've yet to 'wean' yourselves from the Tabloid Media, here's your chance. Introducing the Ron Paul Money Dump.

Trash your subscriptions to your cable, satellite, and tabloid news publications - let's do a mass cancellation on February 1st. and
'dump' all those devalued federal reserve notes into the Ron Paul campaign.

And every month, on the first, until either he becomes president, or until there becomes another place to put them to fuel this movement, continue to dump those funds.

I know...many of us have already done that. But many have not. You can't be patriotic, love this country, and watch the crap they try to put down our throats!

How about a staged event where we have a real dump truck parked in a major traffic area with a set of stairs going up. Folks can pick up TV's from the resales shops, tape big graphics of all the MSM networks on the front, and symbolically TRASH THEM right into the back of a dump truck. Add some speakers to fuel the rallys and have some FUN!

Join the Boston TV Party - where the V stands for VICTORY!

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bump! DUMP!

I love it!
Where is the digg it link now?

"Aggressive wars, income taxes, national IDs, domestic spying, torture regimes, secret prisons, Federal Reserve manipulation -- we don't have to take it any more." -- Ron Paul

Question for you guys

Hi all!

I know there are some very tech-savvy people on here, so I had a question for anyone who wishes to answer it:

I, too want to DUMP my cable (as a matter of fact, I nearly threw my TV out the window during the debate last night), but there ARE a couple of shows (and sporting events) that I would still like to watch. So, here is my question:

Some of you have mentioned being able to watch HD programming online - how/where? Do I need extra equipment? And secondly, can I get some recommendations as to great, UNBIASED news websites?

Thanks, all!!

Get Miro!

Here's your link: GetMiro.com

2,500 unrestricted (e.g., DRM-free) channels of free programming, including more HD than anyone. Genres for everyone's tastes. Plus, you can play any video file through Miro.

And be sure to check out the TED talks there -- edumacate yourself and have fun doing so! If you haven't yet discovered TED, man, are you missing out.

No cable/sat/broadcast in our home for past 7 years -- once you dump the TV and discover what else is available from other sources, you will NEVER go back.

Opps already excerised a constitutional right last month

Ahem, ummm, cough cough, during the New Hampshire debate I lost my TV to the second amendment.

Cable was cut the next day in memorial.



"Money Dumps"

That what my x-wife used to think I took. ;)

It was on my mind

I was thinking about this 10 minutes ago. i know it has been thrown around, but i think its a great idea. Everyone has got to get on board with this. its a statement and a personal thing everyone can do to take a step in the right direction of taking your power back. you are king. you decide what's right.

Constitution Anniversary??

I am new to using blogs forums and computers, But wanted to ask question. Is Feb.5th the anniversory of the constitution?

September 17th is Constiution Day

Information from: http://www.usconstitution.net/consttime.html
1787/09/17 - Final draft of the Constitution sent to Congress
1788/06/21 - Constitution Ratified
1789/03/04 - The Constitution goes into effect

Information from: http://www.ed.gov/legislation/FedRegister/other/2005-2/05240...
"Constitution Day" is celebrated September 17th every year.

Gwen Kraft
"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

when in doubt

google is your friend. just look it up yourself.

This would be awesome!

We could be engaging in peaceful protest of censorship of Dr. Paul by
the major media by dumping our cable subscriptions in the same day
and letting them know why! Censorship and opinionated reporting are
killing to the American public. Free and unfettered information on the news without personal prejudice is crucial. I believe that, if enough people dumped their cable or whatever for these reasons, the major
media would be tripping over themselves to prove they do not do this.
Barring this kind of action, it is not likely for change to be elicited from the media, and this is hurting America, not just Ron Paul but all of the citizenry. We no longer have a right to the facts, and we should be that
upset with all that we have seen to do something BIG about it. Besides,
it would free up some bucks and time to really go for the win. That would really help America!

Do it!

I lived without tv altogether for about ten years. It was so nice. I read the local paper each day for news, and of course, the internet. I have rabbit ears on my tv even now because I refuse to pay that kind of money for the mindless drivel that most networks call entertainment.

Go for it I say!!! Looking forward to the video of the dump truck!

Blessings )o(

Where's the digg link?

Where's the digg link?

good point

this idea should be propelled quickly.

This coincides with....


Anniversary Bomb! We can kill our TV's and make them give Paul the best coverage of the campaign! 51 years married to his wife, who can say the man isn't rock solid?

Can you put this up on your website? Its getting alot of "I'm in" quotes from people, but no website created yet.

I believe the Youtubers know what to do.

Hot damn, this revolution is FUN!


just did it. canceled cable. mine goes out on feb 10th. it felt great :D

im going to do it too

My stupid cable bill is over 200 bucks per month, including internet. If I just keep internet, get NetFlix, and watch over-the-air HD, I'll have plenty of entertainment. My wife is not so thrilled, so I'll need to find some way to appease her. I guess I'll get a media center computer to hook up to my big screen--that will easily be paid for by just a few months of without cable. I've wanted to do this for a while, too, so I hope this gets good publicity. Even just a 100,000 cancellations on the same day would get some companies' attention. If this dump goes well, I say we hit the banks next. I would like to see everyone yank their money from BOA, Wachovia, etc., and put it in community banks. Maybe stop using credit cards, too.

you stole my idea!

I've had this idea for months now. that would send a pretty good signal to the man. I lived without cable for three years before getting it again a couple of months ago. I have to admit I was much happier then. I'm canceling my cable service within a week, regardless. I get all my entertainment and news from the internet anyways.

Again: awesome idea! I hope people are mad enough to dump cable on a massive scale. Press this idea with everyone and every site.

why not

i have so much anger towards the murdoch media that i am gonna explode, i feel like i live in russia ,but they are good they were misleading me for 15+ years not that I ever given sh.. about it but they came to the end and it is not going to be pretty(for them)
lets do it

I role rabbit ears as well

Its the way to go, cable and internet in most states is well over $100 a month, for what for you to waste your life watching other people live their lives. We are all more interesting than that. Plus, it is all calculated what they want you to see. I do miss the food channel though, oh Giada. Plus if you have kids who wants them growing up watching all that crap thinking that is real and something they should believe in and emulate.