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Stand With Rand - Sign up for Class Action Lawsuit against NSA

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Name, Email, and Zipcode for

Name, Email, and Zipcode for this class action lawsuit... on what? The page literally says nothing about the lawsuit. Like I'd just be throwing my info out there. They probably already have it but still.


rand-2016.com is owned by http://saberinc.net/ - a political marketing company in DC. This is a probably a scam, ironically, to collect your data.

Whois info: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=ran...

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Same petition on randpaul2016.com

I've been receiving emails from Rand Paul (rand.paul@rand-2016.com) for a while now. I don't exactly remember if I signed on to it or if my email was giving out and now that you brought to my attention who the owner of rand-2016.com is I'm trying to figure out if the emails I've been receiving are legit or spam. I went to randpaul2016.com and seen the same petition. If anyone can help clarify, thanks. Just trying to figure out if I should unsubscribe from email list.

Edit: Rand Paul 2016 | U.S. Senate | Official Rand Paul campaign site

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They already have your data

Did you listen to anything Edward Snowden said. They've had your data for a while now...

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its a private marketing

its a private marketing company, not the NSA. I know "they" have all data, but this guy looking to spam me with conservative promotional material does not, and I prefer to keep it that way.

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Is this vetted?

I have not received anything via Campaign for Liberty.

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