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Jan persuades George Will to accept a principle!

Jan persuades George Will to accept a principle!!! HE CHANGES HIS MIND IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE.


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This is pure Kant.

If you assert that there are no principles that you should always be followed you've just asserted a principle therein.

Disciples of Kant do so similarly when they assert that an individual can't know that they know anything.

If you can't "know" anything then how the hell can you "know" that you can't know anything?

I've said this before

but George Will is not a friend of liberty and he certainly accepts certain principles. His book state craft vs soul craft advocates for the husbandry of elite specialist to form an aristocracy better fit to rule over us. He's also opposed to civilian legislatures and is an advocate for legislating morality. You guessed it, his morality.

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George Will contradicts himself

George Will contradicts himself.

Jan Helfeld

I checked out your profile.

I didn't realize you were actually Jan Helfeld. I've seen a few of the interviews you've done. They were quite good and I'm definitely a fan.

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Thank you for your support and praise

Thank you for your support and praise. Tell your friends.

Jan Helfeld

Everyone has internal

contradictions they haven't resolved or even thought about yet. As long as you're willing to confront them, that's part of personal growth. So, that's not my problem with Will per se. I have a problem with his air of moral superiority (justified with a dash of semi-legitimate factoids of history) and his desire to implement his measure of moral certainty on people using the coercive powers of the state. Which is always a good idea, obviously.

"truth is subject to perspective"

many people hold this belief.
and like George Will they will resort to asking about the meaning of words....

I am not as eloquent as you and have flat out told people they would be dangerous in a motor room with me.

if I am not mistaken, the pollution of language is a well known tactic. it is reasonable to expect a journalist to know this. and if a politician or a lawyer does not know about or understand the Socratic method?

when I see people get angry with you and stalk off... I have empathy. I know how that feels.

many thanks for all that you do!

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Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support and interest in my work. Tell your friends

Jan Helfeld

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Bump - Thanks Jan

Keep up the good work.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Good job Jan.


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This helps understand George Will

Thank you! Tell your friends. PS This helps understand George Will.

Jan Helfeld