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Teasing the hornets nest

It was just said on Wolf Blitzer that the US was looking at sending troops into Pakistan to “train troops”, and if they refuse to allow our troops in they still have contractors “Black water” on the table. We already know that they will not pay for our service and are hoping that the dictator will allow our entry, but they forgot to ask the people what they felt about US soldiers on their soil. Prepare for the blow back from this.

Prior to announcing this it was also stated that after investigation that GW Bush and Dick Cheney clearly told the American people over 200 lies in two years. For those that do not know there is presently a bill where GW Bush has added that if passed the administration would be exempt from war crimes after his term is over, and at last look it had enough sponsors to pass.

DailyPaul weigh in and lets here what you think about this….

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Nothing's going to happen to these skunks

Let's just be glad they're about gone, and hope we can install a rightous Ron Paul in the oval office and get some decent credibility back. I used to tell my friends that Anybody But Bush in office would be OK, but now, after looking at McCain and Huckabee, I'm not so sure. I think they're both worse than Bush when it comes to wreckless warmongerring.

alan laney



Even everyone at Dailypaul signed it...that would be a nice boost!

More info

What is the bill number you speak of?