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Can one of the many experts here on the subject explain what happened here?

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So some weirdo created this little montage to make everyone go kooky, that's what we've learned.

The two photos offered by OP are not the same window.

Look at the guy in the yellow hat with the woman and the guy with sunglasses on his head near him. Compare fireants photo. Fireants photo and the top photo of OP are the same window. One is zoomed in more. The guy in the yellow hat, the woman and the guy with the sunglasses on his head near him are in the exact same position in both photos.


It's not the same window.

In fireant's photo we can see the two windows side by side - one window intact (left) and the other blown out (right). Both windows belong to "lenscrafters" and I'll bet that it says "lenscrafters" above the blown out window in fireant's photo too.

That is not the same window.

The photo below this comment shows the window in your upper photo to the left of the blown out in window in your bottom photo. The photo below me could have been earlier than the photo of OP. Maybe they knocked it 'out' because it was unstable. But it is quite strange. Why all the glass outside?

So, no I am not an expert, and no, I can't explain it.

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Here's an image of the entire Lenscrafters front

It shows both windows. One busted, one not.

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ah..I see it now! I stand corrected.

I thought the store front was only one set of windows, not 2 sets.
The left set are intact, the right set are broken.

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We are in serious trouble

if our powers of observation can be so biased as to believe those two pics are of the same window.
Look at the brick column on the left...much wider in one pic than the other. The scale of the windows is totally different. The stucco below the bricks is framed different.
I fear for liberty if this is an example of critical thinking among our constituents.

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fireant,i agree

the pic shows one window gone (right side)
and one window still there (left side)
control/plus key, enlarges
control/minus key, makes it smaller
i enlarged and saw the left window still intact
ecorob,make a great point,the windows are blown outward

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OH... have fun day :)

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The glass on the sidewalk came from the second story window,

which would not have received a direct blast, but a glancing blast, causing it to shatter and fall to the sidewalk. Note the ground floor office has glass shards scattered all about on the inside.

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Look again

Look again, you're wrong. The perspective is making them look different. The image at the top is from a far right view and something strange with the camera has made it seem narrower. But the other view is from above creating a different perspective trick on your eyes making the window seem wider. The stucco work at the bottom of the window is in both images but from the top view it looks like it is part of the sidewalk, but it isn't, the left corner is blocked by the man standing there and so you can't see the corner of the stucco. It's you that needs to increase your observational skills.

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You look again...at the pic I posted above

But all you have to do is count the bricks.

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Ahh, I see, the guy on the left side with the yellow hat, I gotcha. well you can understand the confusion. Good show old chap.

I looked

I looked ant, what are you trying to say?

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Also, is it just me...

or does it look like the "blast" blew the windows OUT and not in?

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If you study the photos, you will note the second story window

was shattered as well, which is what fell to the sidewalk. The ground floor window indeed is shattered inward, inside the building.

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Not the same window


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yes it is


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Look at the bricks on the left. Count the horizontal bricks.

That's just for starters.

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Boston Bombing

good answer, kinda.

But the bombs already went off in the first picture. That's why there is smoke. This was taken from one of the videos where everyone is scrambling around after it went off. How did the windows explode after the bomb went off?

smoke shatters glass, duh.

smoke shatters glass, duh. Just ask NIST.