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Tebow is coming to the Pats! Woot!

I know, with everything going on, it doesn't really seem appropriate to post such a story. As excited as i am, I told Samantha I'd get slaughtered for posting such a thing on the Daily Paul.

But I want to remind you - don't forget to enjoy your life. There is incredible tyranny, injustice, everything.

But don't forget yourself, and don't forget to celebrate yourself, and the freedoms that you have. Don't forget to celebrate, while you still can.

I can't wait to see how Belechick uses Tebow (if he makes the team). Brady will not be threatened. Tebow is no threat to him. I hope that Tebow can learn from the Master(s) - both Brady and Belechick. I hope that he can grow. I hope that he is not attached to the position of "quarterback" and I hope that he can contribute to the Patriots however he can. After all, it was this, or retire.

I hope that in doing so, he can be an inspiration to us all.

Go Tebow.

Go America.

Go Patriots.

Be flexible. Look forward. Remember it is all an experiment anyway.

Be helpful in any way you can. Fulfill your potential, even if it wasn't in the way you hoped and expected. But contribute, and be happy that you are still part of the Show. You've only got one shot. Do not miss your chance.

WAHOR! We all have our roles.

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Giants signed RON PAUL supporter Peyton Hillis...!! :)

And he has played very well... 2-0 since the signing...

Good luck to Tebow... Can't say I wish the same to the Pats.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I Like Tebow

think he is a good guy, hope the best for him.

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I think the Pats will stick with Aaron Hernandez at tight end

Either him or Ben Coates.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

I can't sleep and I'm a

I can't sleep and I'm a little grumpy over it.... but this topic made me laugh. A sewage drain couldn't suck more than Tim Tebow. And the fact that you are drooling over him is absolutely laughable.

Have fun with Timmy The Tool-Bag, never-can-throw-a-catch Tebo.

Maybe he'll bust down on one knee and start a prayer-down for you. Nothing else can help the guy anyway.

Do you

know that over a 100 Pro Football players pray to God when they score a TD? Yup.. so it makes no sense why the media and people like you made fun of him for going on a knee and praying. It made no sense and It made me realize America is no longer a Christian Nation.

Also.... What about all the clowns who do the illuminati garbage during a football game? The media doesn't talk about that. I wonder why..... since grown men are doing childish crap. It should be exposed and ridiculed like they did Tebow. Oh but I forgot, these idiot Americans worship some stupid triangle with an eye above it. HOW WONDERFUL THIS COUNTRY IS AND HOW GAY IT IS TOO

First time I saw Tebow kneeling on NFL time:

I was reminded of Jesus condemning that same act Matthew 6:5-6 “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites (NFL players). For they love to stand (kneel) and pray in the synagogues (on an NFL field) and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others (on ESPN). Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward (huge pay for a third string QB). But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

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That is funny

I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.

Aren't people ridiculous? I'm actually kind of fascinated by my own ridiculousness.

I think the difference for me is that I'm aware that I'm holding onto a ridiculous fantasy.

Thanks for this: Timmy The Tool-Bag, never-can-throw-a-catch Tebo.

You brought it back to the essence of the game. Above all, football, in all aspects, is a metaphor for war. And in war, we do everything, including ridiculing the opponent, thereby turning him into an enomy.

- - - - -

But I think he actually does have the answer: Get down on your knees and submit to the will of God. You can pray all you want, but in the end, you have to submit.

God is to man and man is to doG. Dog submits to man, and man submits to God.

He's the man.

I think the

Patriots will use Tebow as a tight end or maybe on 1st and one type plays. And, I believe that if Tebow wants to play in the NFL he will have to play tight end or be a backup QB.

Michael Nystrom's picture

They already cut him

This post is old. I bumped it up from the dead.

Wake up, dead thread! Let's finish this conversation!

So I agreed completely with your assessment. He won't be a QB here. He'll play in some other role. But it didn't happen. Either they didn't ask him, or he refused. I think it is more like he refused. I think they could have found a role for him.

Anyway, they cut him.

But the newspapers left it open. "He still might come back" was the implication.

I bet the team gave him this choice: "You can't play QB. But if you want, we can try you at X." Maybe - in my fantasy world - tight end.

Tebow says, "Thanks Bill. I appreciate it. But I'm going to have to have to think things over. My dream is to be an NFL quarterback. So I'm going to wait and see what God says. If He wants me to be a QB, he will tell me to wait."

Bill: "I understand that, Tim. And I will wait with you. You wait for that call, but it you ever want to come back and play tight end, our door is open to you."

And so we're all just waiting for Tim to pick up the phone and say, "Bill, give me another try at TE!"

- - - - - -

What a crock.

Thank you for indulging in my fantasy. Gotta get rid of that one. Is that serving anything? Or should I kill this program?

He's the man.
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Patriotic bullshit

What the fuck are you talking about, Nystrom.

What the hell was that all about?

I hope that in doing so, he can be an inspiration to us all. Go Tebow. / Go America / Go Patriots.

Go Patriots? Go America? Ha ha ha. Embarrassing.

That is called "wearing your emotion on your sleeve."
- - - -

But this was my advice to him right after he made the team:

Be helpful in any way you can. Fulfill your potential, even if it wasn't in the way you hoped and expected. But contribute, and be happy that you are still part of the Show.

- - - - -

Anyway, who knows if he could keep any kind of a spot in the NFL?

Maybe he's just afraid of letting go of that dream?

But there is an emotional tragedy going on inside of him. His dream of being an NFL quarterback is shattered.

He has tremendous athletic gifts, but it just so happens that being able to throw is not one of them!

He's the man.

I thought Tebow

got cut from the Patsies

Michael Nystrom's picture

He did.

Check the date of the original post. I wrote that when they picked him up.

I just came back to visit this thread, now that he got cut. As you correctly pointed out. From the "Patsies."

I just did a search on "Tebow" to see what else was here, and I came across this one:

Ron Paul Cites Conversation with Tim Tebow.

I had forgotten about that. And then, thinking back to that time, I was reminded of that SNL skit.


I cracked up so hard when I first saw this. Because it was so true. It was like miracles were happing out there, in the 4th quarter.

He looked golden back then. And now - poof - he's just gone from the whole scene.

- - - -

What I would like to know is how he won the Heinemann Trophy? Aaron Hernandez was on that team with him, BTW. How poignant it would be if he took that spot at tight end, that AZ had vacated for a lower world.

He's the man.

Dont feel bad about the nickname mikey

I happen to be a Dallas Cowgirl fan.

Patriots? More like Lamely Rots!

Hey Mikey-boy,

Get that paperback 'Word Play' yet?
Figured you'd have it by now,
if they can find your box in the low rent.
There's a chapter on verbal smack-talk,
You should read that one first.
Then get bent.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

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Yeah, I get you

It is fascinating.

He's the man.
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Hey, what's up with the Name Change?

That's a pretty good trick. You've used this one before.

Yes, I got the book. And I haven't had a chance to look at it. It was at risk of becoming part of the household sediment if you hadn't reminded me.

Thank you. I'm going to go do that right now.

Peace / Out.

He's the man.

It stands for 'Power Of Love, Power Of Truth', which is the

definition of the term 'satyagraha', the philosophy MLK Jr learned from Gandhi when he visited and toured India.

'Satya' means both 'love' and 'truth' - they are one and the same.

'agraha' means power.


And, seeing my name all the time makes me paranoid or something...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.


Sadly, as the years progress the more I can't stand football (the only sport I really liked). Nothing but a bunch of overpaid whine bags, but there are a few players who are very respectable Tebow seems like a good guy, and RG3 is a class act, but I don't think I could give the NFL my rating anymore, especially with the government subsidies and taxpayer dollar built stadiums. Not everyone likes football, so why should they have to pay for it? Bye NFL (former bear fan)

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

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Yeah, the sports teams really pull numbers on the cities

"We need a new stadium, or else!"

That is all I ever heard growing up in Seattle, from the Sonics, the Mariners. I guess just those two. The Seahawks were also so freaking loud in the Kingdome. They said it was because the stadium was closed, and the big concrete, concave dome acted like an amplifier.

But they're still legendarily loud in the new, open stadium in Seattle. I've never seen a game in that new stadium. Of course, I've never seen a game out here at Gillette Stadium. For some reason, I have no interest. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, the deepest love still goes back to the Seattle teams.

The Seahawks are different. They're in the NFC now. They were in the AFC when I left Seattle. They didn't have that neon green. And the Seahawk on the helmet used to look friendly, not all mean like it looks now. Boy - the Seahawks back then. There were some lean (but exciting) years. A mediocre team with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Fake field goal where Zorn gets up and passes to Herrera for a touchdown, against (I think) the Cowboys on National TV. It must have been Monday night. Monday night football used to be a big deal back then.

But the Sonics. They got the Coliseum redone at considerable taxpayer expense in the early 90's. Then it got renamed "Key Arena" and I always hated that. So I maintained calling it "The Coliseum, or more formally, The Seattle Center Coliseum. To a little kid, that place was awesome. And a beautifully designed building. A classic. I hope to God they haven't torn that building down.

She was saved once in the early 90's. And they expanded her. But that was just before these mega stadiums came out, complete with hotel rooms, and shopping malls and movie theaters and whatever.

So it wasn't long before they were begging for another stadium, or else!

And then the Starbucks guy, Schultz, bought the team. And he was just a dufus to watch, all of his emotionalism, sitting right courtside. And then he was sick of his little toy, and he sold it, and that guy moved the team to Oklahoma City.

So they finally made good on their threat, because the people of Seattle were like, "No way are we giving you any more money."

I like that about the city, but I still feel sad that the Sonics are gone.

- - - - - - -

The Mariners, on the other hand, got their new stadium. The two brothers that were bunking together in that crappy bed known as the King Dome, which was so dank and cold that it felt like walking into the basement to watch a baseball game.

Seats in the outfield had significant blind spots. It was fine when the Mariners were playing because at some games, there would be a total attendance of 6,000 people. For a Major League ball game. You could sit wherever you want. But you weren't there to watch the game, because you were in high school. You were just there to mess around. To experience 'being at the ballgame.'

But when the M's got good in the mid 90's. Man that place was fun! The whole place rocked. They had the hydroplane race on the Diamond Vision that everyone just loved. And they updated it for the new stadium - Safeco Field - but it wasn't the same. Flashier graphics, but somehow, it became a caricature of itself.

But Safeco Field is lovely.

The people voted against that, too but somehow, the County, and maybe even the State got together to build it. They were somehow desperate. And the people were furious. As was I. FURIOUS! That they would go around the people like that.

But even so, after it was built, I wanted to make sure I put that behind me. I didn't want to hate the ballpark simply because I was against it. Now it was here. What are you going to do?

Enjoy it.

He's the man.

Jets fan

Couldn't be happier to see him go :)

Ha! Fellow Pats fan here


Fellow Pats fan here Nystrom! (And let's not forget about the Bruins baby!!!! Stanley Cup starts Wednesday night!!!)

I hate the idea of the media storm that comes with the guy, but if anyone can turn a player into a total media-unworthy bore, it's Belichick.

Tebow will be relegated to overpaid cheerleader because he is 3rd QB on the depth chart (they released the 3rd string QB prior to his signing), and that being the case, I don't know how fancy they'll get with him. Maybe some special teams assignments, but I'm skeptical of even that right now.

Anyway, I don't comment at ESPN so I finally had the opportunity to air that somewhere in the online world lol.

I also agree with overall message of the post. Gotta live love, love life. What else is liberty for?

Michael Nystrom's picture

Laphog, were you surprised when he got cut?

Somehow, I was under the illusion that Belichick was magic, and he could work Tebow in somewhere.

He was never going to threaten Brady. And really not Mallet, either.

I figured he would have to switch positions. I wonder if he refused, or they never asked him?

- - - - -

It was weird, after all these years with Bill Belichick and the perma-scowl he wears on his face, it was weird to see Pete Carroll dancing around and smiling and laughing on the sidelines in Seattle's blowout over SF. It looked unprofessional to me.

I could never imagine Belichick doing that, but NOR could I imagine the great Seahawks coach Chuck Knox.

He cracked a smile after a win against the Raiders (back when the Hawks were in the AFC) in the semi-finals. He was just so damn happy he couldn't help it.

But under normal circumstances he was just as dour as Rand Paul.

He's the man.

Not surprised at all,

Not surprised at all, Michael. Surprised by the original signing, to be sure; but not by the subsequent release. I think it was simply BB doing what BB does. After all: Why not bring on board a physical specimen like TT and see just what alchemy may come about by it?

Alas, none whatsoever. And so he was cut.

But I, too, wonder whether there were any conversations about his flexibility in terms of position before his release. He sure as shit is not a QB, not in this life. St Louis just called a 44 year old Brett Favre over TT; if that doesn't register as "R.I.P. QB dreams" in his delusional mind, I don't know what will.

As for BB and emotion (or lack of it): I appreciate his style as compared to a Peter Carroll type as well. When it comes to his job, BB's all business, as he should be. But everything I read about him suggests he's an amazing and caring person behind the scenes, humbly contributing his time and resources to various humanitarian efforts without drawing attention to himself for doing so. Here's but one entry that does well to shed a little light to that effect: http://www.patsfans.com/new-england-patriots/messageboard/10...

Though I must confess, Pete Carroll's jovial sideline antics against SF were perfectly okay with me.

Because I hate Jim Harbaugh, and I know watching Carroll celebrate on the sideline like a schoolgirl had to absolutely eat him up inside.

The Patriots and the Obama admin have lots in common..

They both SECRETLY RECORDED unsuspecting adversaries and lied about it to further their atrocious agendas. Both of their sleeping opponents had no idea they were being spied on during private practices. And like all disgusting cheaters, both Roger Goodell and Obama destroy evidence so the public can never see how vile these groups really are. Anything Robert Kraft is in charge of needs to burn in hell along w/ him.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yeah, I understand there is a lot of animosity against the Pats

for that.

NOT TO MENTION the Tuck rule.

- - - - - -

But that was before my time.

But it IS pretty disgusting to spy on another team. I guess. I mean, I guess he was just taking it to the ultimate level: War. In war there are no rules. You do whatever you have to to win.

People love the NFL because it is a proxy for war. All these games, these seasons, these teams. They are all metaphors for war. Survival. Death. and of course, V I C T O R Y !

All these little metaphors - they're like controlled demolitions. Let the humans work off their aggression vicariously each Sunday by letting them participate in tiny, virtual wars.

I just hope the Pats can make it to the Superbowl.

He's the man.