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NYT Quoting Greenwald: "Snowden has turned over 'thousands' of documents, 'dozens' of them newsworthy"

This is latest, this time from NYT columnist Charlie Savage, which also adds very good additional context to Nystrom's recent post about the Washington Post journalist who was a sniveling coward (and who happened also to misrepresent, to put it kindly, how events unfolded surrounding the leaks when he wrote about them recently). Interviewing Glenn Greenwald, Savage documents pretty thoroughly the timeline of events leading to the revelations, and reveals for the first time the extent of the leaks:

Mr. Snowden has now turned over archives of “thousands” of documents, according to Mr. Greenwald, and “dozens” are newsworthy.


Again, that's "thousands" of documents. "Dozens" newsworthy.


"Only" 4 broken so far.

And I will add here, of my own accord, and for perfectly legitimate and justified dramatic effect, Glenn Greenwald's own Tweet from yesterday, mocking DNI Clapper:

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald 9 Jun

Clapper: leaks "literally gut-wrenching" - "huge, grave damage" - save some melodrama and rhetoric for coming stories. You'll need it.




Get ya popcorn ready.

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Bedtime Bump! Night all.

Bedtime Bump!

Night all.

Bump for morning crowd. Think

Bump for morning crowd. Think it's worthwhile enough.

The insurance file is vast.

The insurance file is vast.

Ah, but the key is: How many

Ah, but the key is: How many copies are there, and where are they stored for safekeeping? Since we can be pretty confident at this point there is no such thing on the internet...