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Why is Raw Milk Illegal? End The FDA War on Farming

Raw milk farmers in Wisconsin are are bringing the issue of the FDA war on farmers to political headlines after a Sauk County farmer Vernon Hershberger was charged, and thankfully acquitted, on 3 charges of selling raw milk to willing customers, and who now faces trial on June 13 for one charge of violating a holding order .

Raiding farms, bankrupting owners, and imprisoning farmers are a normalcy in the Wisconsin farmer’s relationship with the government he is taxed for.

And it really begets the question, Why is raw milk illegal?

Despite raw milk being *somewhat* permitted in 31 states, and illegal in 19, the Department of Justice goes out of its way, along with numerous other federal agencies, to imprison and raid raw milk farmers, even after a case has been settled in state courts.

And the DOJ’s behavior only fuels tyrannical judges who agree in the state judicial systems. I’m reminded of one Judge, Wisconsin Judge Patrick J. Fiedler, who originally ruled that citizens do not have a right to own a cow, do not have the right to consume milk from their own cow, and do not have the right to produce and consume the foods of their choice...


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/06/11/why-is-raw-milk-ill...

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