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The Patriot Movie could be used for new videos?

Just re watched it, all about freedom and blowback, when they talk about the cruelty occupation that is breeding ground for the US militia.

Seems the same as what the US does in the iraq.

Unfortunately I cant make movie clips.

maybe someone who can ?

also the scene from star wars would be great, when palpatine takes power in the senate. liberty dies to thunderous applause....

question to pro war people: If the US wants freedom when occupied, would not the Iraqis also want freedom when occupied ?????

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Now be inspired by my

Now be inspired by my Idea... go now and make 5 star ronmovies
I´ll take a beer

Now be inspired by my

what the heck I double post, better get double girls

Excellent movie, great idea

However, considering one of its stars, Heath Ledger, just died from an apparent drug overdose, it might be a little exploitative, not to mention ticky-tacky, to use it right now.

well don't have to use a

well don't have to use a seen with him i guess..

I like the clip when the English general scolds his captain not to kill to many civilians, since it gives blow back ;)

Good idea on the StarWars

Good idea on the StarWars clip...unfortunately being that "The Patriot" is the worst movie in the history of mankind it would be advisable not to associate the campaign with it. There are several academic arguments suggesting that the current recession and the overall loss of freedom in our country all stems from the release of the movie "The Patriot" not to mention the worldwide famines that followed its release to DVD.

Wow...are you full of s*!&

Wow...are you full of s*!& or what? Did you just pull that out of your a$$? What an idiot. That's probably one of the best movies ever made. Who's side are you on anyway? The redcoats?

Wow...I was obviously being

Wow...I was obviously being sarcastic. Take it easy buddy.

I think it´s a nice movie

I think it´s a nice movie and regardless, it´s to the point about freedom and occupation.

Also it would be a nice thing to celebrate Heath Ledger, who stars in the movie, since he has died. :(

Yeah I'm just joking...it's

Yeah I'm just joking...it's an inside joke with my friends that the Patriot is the worst movie of all time and I couldn't resist commenting on it in this thread. I usually make outlandish claims like it caused a famine in North Africa or it started World War II. Any movie that gets people thinking about the philosophy that founded this country is a good movie for our cause despite my personal preference.

Who are you responding to?

Who are you responding to? lol

The person whose post I

The person whose post I replied to...I think that's how it works, right?

Yeah, but ...

I fear others may think it's "exploitative" for doing it?