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Bootlicking O'Donnell Ambush FAILS on Greenwald :)

O'Donnell To Greenwald: If NSA Knows Everything, Why Didn't They Know Where You Were?


Fed Pravda MSNBC is so (now) CONSPICUOUS in pushing White House talking points and spin... it is HILARIOUS... Really! It doesn't make me angry (anymore)... I lol constantly. They're in such a panic mode.. it's pathetic and comical.
If you want to see what I mean...

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Just an IT guy...

That reporter really wants to drive home the point that Snowden was "just an IT guy". I've seen that sentiment before, and I really don't get it... If all of us "just IT guys" walked off the job tomorrow, civilization would implode.

This is the state of the MSM today...

There was a time when the media stood up for the people against the governmental abuse of power, but today the media stands up for the governmental abuse of power against the people.

O'Donnell is disgusting and has no shame.

How do his followers even stomach that guy's defense of PRISM?

Poor O'Donnell

He was just in over his blessed little head, trying to take on Greenwald in an intellectual debate.

I just loved the smirk-war, each thinking they had the winning hand, until Greenwald proved O'Donnell was just kidding himself.

Defend Liberty!

NSA Snoopers

Come to think of it, the letters NSA are already pre-arranged in the correct sequential order :


Jack Rose


O'Donnell is a useless commie jackhole.

"Do right and risk the consequences”
― Sam Houston

O'Donnell is the shill of shills

He is is an elitist with such low regard for the rest of humanity that he does not even attempt a sophisticated deception. He makes his lies so bold with a sickening smirk so arrogant that Ghandi himself might be tempted to beat him with a dildo. Unlike many news anchors (particularly on Fox), O'Donnell is intelligent enough to know what he is doing. He revels in his role as propagandist and shill. He thinks he is doing society a favor by keeping them under control of an authoritarian system.

Part of me wants to believe in karma, but if karma was real O'Donnell would have long ago contracted Ebola.


had a small O sh$t moment when Greenwald came back with "we encrypted our conversations".

I believe O'Donnell as a person is the very definition of the word prick. Whenever you call someone a prick, use this man as a baseline.

NSA Snoopers

Here in West Virginia we have a name for these individuals who feel such a compelling desire to know everybody else's business. We call them NIBSHITS

Jack Rose