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Ron Paul on "The Daily Rundown" (MSNBC) today 9:00am est

w/Chuck Todd

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YT Link Available: Dr. Ron Paul w/ Chuck Todd 6/11/13


Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) phoned in to Chuck Todd's show on Tuesday morning to discuss the big news story of the moment: NSA surveillance.

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Thanks Johncarter444

Johnny on the spot...

That was an EXCELLENT interview.

...much better than last night on CNN.

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Well Spoken Dr. Paul!! - Chuck Todd was very respectful of the good doctor..

It's Amazing

It's amazing how much nicer these newsmen and women are now that Dr. Paul is no longer running for President. They aren't as interruptive these days.

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you can tell when he doesn't

you can tell when he doesn't get his sound bite he's like yeah oh ok yeah well gonna leave it at that.. doesn't engage him..

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Did I miss it?

Please post video, when available. Thanks.

Thanks, friends! Great interview.

I saw the video from the link to the article. Great article, by the way. Gets it all in there.

Excellent Interview with the good Doctor! Must See!!!!

The video is now on the link you provided. It's Ron Paul at his best again!

Thanks, gee_blee! You may want to change your title and embed the video.