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Booz Allen Hamilton Fascist Map

Curious to see what lurked in the board room at Snowden's former employer, I made a map real quick to illustrate yet another tentacle of the vampire squid.

Please note the presence of one Mr. James Clapper, listed as a former executive.

booz allen


Image Link: http://mapper.nndb.com/t/841/22775/l22775.jpg

One of the partners of this company (Mr. Fry) resigned during WW2 because he was uncomfortable with the amount of government contracts they were getting. This company started out as a management consulting company with Mr. Booz being degreed in both business and psychology.

The smaller companies tied up with the intelligence folks would be a good study to check out as CIA/NSA fronts. I mean we pretty much know they are, but it is all well and good to solidify that knowledge.

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