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Is NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden a CIA Asset?

I asked this question a long time ago, but received no response. Does anybody on the DP watch AMTV with Chris Green? This is an interesting clip if you have a few minutes to watch.

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What question? Is Snowden a

What question?
Is Snowden a CIA asset?

If so, whats your definition of "long"?

If so, i dont know mate, but if starts to show him self as one, then in all likelyness i wont be agreing with him on what he says, i really dont give two flying f's about the otherside gloating about it if so.......because whether intended to or not, damage has been done, irrespective of snowdens part, which makes me......happy :)......cant take that away im afraid

Big Data is a big business.

Big Data is a big business. Thiel had anti-fraud technology developed at PayPal and they took that and started Palantir.

There is really no story here. The In-Q-Tel investment was minor and made to collaborate on how to best develop certain tools. The FBGary fiasco was bad but Palantir apologized and wasn't involved.

You can publicly use some of Palantir's technology here:

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

you guys dont like AMTV then....

Its just information. There is nothing in the video that cannot be verified by doing a little homework.