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Future Contest: How Many Benedict Arnold's will surface over Ed Snowden?

I will make this short and to the point.

Many of the Neo Con talking heads were on the side of Ed Snowden when this broke out. I am noticing a change in the tide as of yesterday afternoon and caught myself wondering what is wrong with Sean Hannity. Hannity called this guy a hero. Also, on Beck's site The Blaze. These folks that post there are about as NeoCon as it gets for the most part, but many of them tout Snowden as a hero at this time. We see Beck claiming he is evolving in our direction... Beck also called this guy a hero.

So, my point and impression of Jimmy the Greek. How many will change their tune over the upcoming week?

The two examples I used were:

Sean Hannity - I am betting he reverses his position any day now.
Glenn Beck - I am not so sure, but I bet 'hero' dissolves from any further attention he gives to this.

Other than Shep Smith and Hannity, it seems the rest of Fox News is ready to prosecute him to he fullest.

Anyone else have some input on this? Love to hear it and make your own Jimmy the Greek on talking heads they think will eat crow for defending Ed Snowden, a true American Hero.