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Whistle Blowing For ObaMARX's Sake And His Accomplice Traitors Against The USA

Oh, Hey there, ObaMARX, hey there trigram agency losers,

So, by now you've heard of this fine friend of ours, named Edward Snowden.

Just thought we shouldn't leave it there, and you might be interested in a couple other tips for ya; I shall number them:

Tip #1 - soon or late, what traitors get is in a four letter word:


Tip #2 - and tip #1 is the best case scenario, when they got a humane trial first, keep their clothes and limbs on, unlike with the angry crowds.

Tip #3 - sorry about that, but seems like you haven't been able to destroy the first Amendment fast enough, yet; now you gonna have to shut us up.

Tip #4 - and the more you try hard to shut us up, the more numerous we will be, until it gets overwhelming for your rent seeking servants who stayed on board (usually not the brightest; sorry about that, too).

'Hope it helps!

Have a nice day,