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Egyptian Politcians Caught On Live TV Hatching False Flag To Sabotage Ethiopian Dam

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Great stuff!

It sounds like the issue is the damming of the Nile in Ethiopia. Someone in the video said America and Israel support Ethiopia's plan to dam the Nile.

Why the hell do we have to take a position one way or the other? But now that we have, the completely whacked out extremist new leadership in Egypt is understandably making threats against us if their water gets cut off. Cutting off a country's water supply is an act of war. If we weren't picking sides, they wouldn't be so radicalized. If it was only Ethiopia they were contending with I believe they would be more reasonable and willing to talk at the negotiating table more instead of making bellicose threats.

Another guy was basically saying the Egyptian version of "All options are on the table". I saw a part where one guy recommended destroying the dam militarily if they start to build it. But that is not a false flag he was proposing. It was a straight forward attack. He wasn't saying "Let's dress up in the same uniforms as Somalia or Sudan and attack the dam, so they think this other country did it, and we get get them both fighting each other, for us."

No actually, this was far more straight up! This was much more, "You build that dam, we'll bomb it." I think Egypt could too. They could walk right through Sudan and into Ethiopia with all of the M1 Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters we've given them. I think they have F16's too. I don't know if they would have enough fuel to sustain a long war, but certainly they are the most militarily capable country on the continent.

Thanks for the link.

1. There is no "false flag", 2. Looks like any GOP debate

1. There is no "false flag". These guys are talking about actually bombarding and destroying the dam Ethiopia is building.

"Shutting off the Nile" HAS, however, been a "false flag" threat for the last 130 years. The British constantly used that threat in order to interfere in Central Africa, including almost going to war with France in 1898 on the claim Paris was hoping to build a dam in the Sudan to blackmail Egypt.

2. It Looks like any GOP debate from 2012 or 2008, when McCain and Romney were discussing a century of war in Iraq, or spars between Santorum and Gingrich over who would start WWIII first.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


The more you watch the more interesting things get.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Lol, I would say, the longer

Lol, I would say, the longer we live the more interesting things get!

juan maldonado

Another parasite nation

Cut 'em loose. Let these suffering bastards take care of themselves.



juan maldonado

Oh yeah I forgot, I'm the

Oh yeah I forgot, I'm the crazy one! For pointing out that there's large evidence of false flags that were committed on U.S soil, like for example the Oklahoma City bombing, the World Trade Center( both times), the Pentagon, should I keep going? Lol, it's insane man! But I forgot, I'm the crazy one! Makes me sick...

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