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Is it possible to overwhelm the data collection?

I'm not much of a computer master but I was wondering:

Can the data collection be overwhelmed by massive amounts of emails with all the favorite key words so they get noticed? just a bunch of jibberish for the snoopers to wade thru. Like an auto send email from one useless address to another, flooding the world with massive amounts of emails.

just thinking out loud

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that kinda thinkin out loud

gonna get your butt a one way Fema Camp pass !

Operation "Troll The NSA"

Buzzfeed started this site 2 days ago:


The thing

about the data collection is it's retroactive. They say it's to spot terrorists, but it's really to have a weapon against anyone they don't like.

The govt already tracks suspected terrorists and can get warrants legally if needed by showing probable cause. What they are doing here is tracking EVERYONE "just in case".

That means if at some point in the future you do something they don't like, say for example like Adam Kokesh participating in the marijuana smoke down, then they can pull out all the Internet/phone history from him in the last several years to see if they can get him on something. They can do that with anybody.

So even if everybody put the word "bomb" in their email it wouldn't matter, because they can just go right to the records they want.

Every human system has

Every human system has serious flaws somewhere. Keep probing, plugging, and distracting ... I'll leave your imagination to the meaning and course of action.

No because they are constantly upgrading the system.

It is possible to create so many false positives that the humans behind the system would never be able to sift it all effectively. So in every post or call/txt you make,add "bomb" or some other key word to it. We're probably on some list anyway. Might as well have fun with it;)