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The World of Fahrenheit 451

I went into a Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, and much to my fear, about a quarter of the shelves were empty. Everything is going the way of the e-book these days, and it is beginning to seem like the world of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. What makes it seem all the more surreal is that the government has access to all of the servers that house all of those books. What type of mischief can be accomplished through that type of access? The government can change, or even eliminate entire publications, they can change authors of publications, or anything else. For anyone who thought this is a paranoid scheme, its not, and I suggest to the preppers out there in the world, that storing subsistence food simply is not enough, books must also be stored, physical hard copy books. If this doesn't bring an entirely new aspect to the Orwellian nature of Obama's government (he owns this now), I can't imagine what does.

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