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Doesn't the leaked classified information make us safer?

So the national security "experts" are saying the recent leaks of classified information about the government spying on people will make us more exposed to attacks by terrorist organizations. Recall that the terrorists supposedly attacked us because they hated us for our freedoms.

By the latter logic, that the terrorists attacked us because they hated us for our freedoms, aren't we safer now since they now know we are losing the freedoms they supposedly hated us for? In fact, wouldn't they love us since we are losing our freedoms at such a fast rate?

From the Patriot Act to the NDAA to the Obamacare monstrosity that mandated people to buy insurance and impeded on religious freedoms to the recent assaults on the second amendment, we are losing freedoms. So shouldn't the terrorists be getting increasingly proud of us?

Feel free to include more violations of liberty that I left out; by no means is this list comprehensive.

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seatbelt laws, how fluckin low can deez mohoes go !
chaps me ass matey !