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Can we have some sanity and clarity please??


Look, I'm just as unhappy as the next fella about not winning Louisiana. But what I've seen here is a bad portent.

There seems to be a nearly overwhelming urge on this site to automatically assume fraud and covert dirty tricks when we don't win.

Before you spout off next time about how 'unfair' this whole process was, you might want to understand just EXACTLY what was happening here in Louisiana last night.

We met at caucus sites to choose delegates to our STATE GOP convention to be held on Feb 16th. Those delegates will choose 41 of the 47 delegates Louisiana has been granted to the National Convention in September. They will also have the opportunity to change the platform, party constitution and party by-laws. Usually these delegates are simply individuals who are active in the party and there is little if any concern about if they support a particular presidential candidate. This is more about the state party than the fall election.

They had planned this to be a low key event with little disruption in the status quo. We changed all of that.

When we filed a full slate of delegates committed to Paul, they freaked and got on the horn looking for what to do about us. Remember, most people are idiots when it comes to real nuts and bolts public policy. They don't have a clue as to the damage government intervention really does to the average American. They can't see past tomorrow what effects their policies will have - on either side of the aisle. So from their prospective, they were faced with a bunch of semi liberal crazy new comer conspiracy nuts trying to take over the party they had been dedicated to for decades. They didn't bother to research the truth, because they still think they get that from the MSM. These people are old school - get it?

I talked to several people there that unfortunately had already voted, and they said they thought Dr. Paul was pro-abortion and was really a liberal republican (this is where that damned libertarian label hurts us - people can't spell long words and so if they look similar they think it's the same word) Ironically, Lafayette here in Dist 7 is very individualist oriented and very libertarian, small government leaning and yet this is where we got stomped by this crowd. (that's our own fault, we should have known it would be a key issue - it always is)

Most people can't think past a sound bite. So they don't understand the principled position of a constitutionalist. To them, that's a waffle or a flip-flop. They don't get that the national government has no authority over abortion at all. (amongst other issues)

Had we made the case pre-emptively in our canvasing and campaigning that a President Paul would favor Louisiana passing it's own abortion laws without review from the Supreme Dunces, they would have flocked to him in droves. But then again, maybe not. You see politics is really won on a local level. And on that level, they trust people they already know. So when someone from their church tells them a certain list of delegates is pro-life and that crazy liberals are trying to destroy the party, guess what will be the result?

And mind you, they aren't doing this knowing it's false, they most likely believe it just as much as we believe in Dr. Paul.

There is a disconnect between the REAL Dr. Paul and the perception of the voting majority.

If we want to WIN we have to CHANGE that PERCEPTION.

I'm sick and tired of all the whining and crying. Let's take what we've learned and make sure it doesn't happen again.

If we are proactive about simplifying the good Dr.'s message for even the village idiot, then we are on the right track.

I will post what I think should be a new and solid strategy from here on out in another thread.

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By its very nature, politics is a dirty business

If you don't think shenanigans happens behind closed doors, I've got bridges to sell you all over the world.

From what I read, Louisiana was one of better organized states for the campaign. Dr. Paul was the only candidate who made an appearance in the state prior to the caucus. Maybe all his supporters got out-foxed at the caucus by the other candidates' supporters. Maybe it will all turn out alright in the end because these were mostly uncommitted.

And it doesn't mean we stop working. We have still do all the grassroots/street level things to get Dr. Paul elected.

I'll repeat: politics is a dirty business. You got two choices. Play dirty too. Or play clean and expose the dirt when you can.

But if you don't ever shine a light on the dirt, don't expect the teams to ever clean up their acts.

so true, history proved it time and again...

some of us are even old enough to remember Nixon's dirty trick squad sending out phony letters on other candidates' stationary, giving wrong times for ralllies and such. To use just one glaring example.

In this instance, we have a candidate running for President of the United States whose platform includes a foreign policy diametrically opposed by the entire existing political establishment, both left and right, an economic policy diametrically opposed by the entire political establishment, both left and right, and on and on. He's taking on the major forces of the last 2 decades. You better be expecting the dirty trick squads.

I'm not saying

that there is no dirt in politics.

But too many people are getting WAY out of hand about it.

Just like in any endeavor, especially to beat the dead horse of sports analogies, we have to stick to the basics first. Door to door canvasing, short and simple messages, and put out the fires and attacks PRONTO.

Elections are about WHO you know just as much about WHAT you know. Maybe even more so. We have to CHANGE PERCEPTIONS if we want to win.

Otherwise this will be a seriously retarded and hard uphill battle.

They weren't uncommitted

They claimed to be uncommitted but they are not uncommitted. I recognized some of those people in District 7 running as uncommitted, and I can promise you they were very much committed to their candidate. They lied. Pure and simple. Or may I should Filthy and Simple.

I resent your logic and common sense

If you are going to make a post that long you much include at least one conspiracy theory, talk in all caps or tell us how much you hate frank.

You posting a position on dailypaul contrary to its current directions and you need to fall in line, sir.


yeah, me too, I'm upset

that we might have to learn local politics and tactics and stuff like that, and making sure our candidate's positions are truthfully represented, and that old guard republicans might not be spending their free time on DP.

Wait, I think I found a link to a photo showing Frank Luntz in Shreveport....

Well if that's how you feel about it...

I accept your verbal thrashing and say bring it on....


this was a different sort of caucus than others this year and I think that there was a big misperception about what was going on there, that coupled with the lack of information coming from anywhere but blogs made this seem very suspicious. The fact is that what happened was perfectly within bounds. It doesn't seem very fair or even ethical considering that we're all pretty sure what the motivation was but politics is dirty. Thanks for the post. I hope that it helps.


I have NO idea about this - I'm just posing the question :-)

I'm not from a caucus state, so I'm not that sure of the process (particularly in LA, which seems to be particularly confusing), but was it a situation where "we" could have blown our cover by not being "incognito", so to speak? I mean, was it obvious who the RP people supported? (t-shirts, sign waving, etc. etc.). Would it have been to our advantage to keep it on the down-low, instead? That way nobody else would have had any heads-up in order to plan against us. I'm just curious, so we can learn from this.


The cat was out of the bag

at the word go.

They knew our delegates were committed because they were turned in as a packet by the state director for HQ.

I still think this is a good idea. It helps to get all your ducks lined up. The Romney people were very disorganized. The GOP even thanked us for our well organized applications and timely filing. They were genuinely impressed.

I say keep doing it this way, let's not create too many variables. We know the next few moves in the chess game now. So lets go from there.


you guessed it.

delegates, delegates, delegates...

find out how it works in your state and become one, recruit them, etc.

right, they just did what we do everyday

highly organize to win online polls.against any and all neocons. we win within the rules. so did they. :(

Fraud and dirty tricks in Louisiana?

I'm shocked. Must be the first time in history. Say it ain't so.

Thanks for your post. For

Thanks for your post. For those of us outside of LA and other hot-button areas right now, all we know is what is reported to us on blogs like these (since MSM won't report ANYthing - lol)