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Alex Jones Made A Great Point Regarding Peter King Accusing Ed Snowden Of Treason

AJ said something along the lines of "why aren't they going after Petraeus for treason because he revealed that terrorists can be spied on via their dishwasher".


As an aside, how utterly ridiculous is it that Peter King thinks it's treasonous to reveal that the electronic communications of terrorists are being spied on. (I ask rhetorically, of course). I really want someone in the press to ask him EXACTLY what Ed Snowden revealed that he (King) is so concerned about. It would be hilarious to then provide him example after example of cases where the military has publicly talked about intercepting electronic communications. At that point, I'd like to see the impeachment proceedings for Mr. King (not to mention the rest of those in government who are of a similar ilk) begin.

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