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Government Imposed Terrorism - Using the power of the Government to crush the people - a counter strike in terminology

Indefinate detention

Drone strikes

illegal search and seizure

The dismantling of the peoples' Constitution and Bill of Rights is terrorism imposed on the people by the government.

So every time I post something or see that somebody plays the "terrorism" card I push back and tell them its better than Government Imposed Terrorism and that allowing international terrorists to take my freedom or my Government to take my freedom still means I have no freedom.

I for one will take my chances with a pressure cooker bomber and his teenage brother any day, versus the full force of a dictatorial government paid for with my tax money.

I always say you know the government is out of control when they arrest kids for operating a lemonade stand without a permit. Gets 'em every time

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I'm really getting sick of

I'm really getting sick of the "safety" canard. Force them to quantify what they mean by safety in mathematical terms.

Those at the top couldn't be terrorist if they didn't have

willing followers to carry out their perverted wills. Those at the top are isolated and protected, but those who support them and follow them are not.

So who are the real enemies of freedom? The top or the base of the pyramid?

And what shall we lovers of freedom do to protect ourselves? This is, of course the one million dollar question. The answer is, as history has shown, a revolution point is reached. That point arrives when enough people decide that the pain and suffering they endure from their current system of plunder and control materially exceeds what pain and suffering they expect from rebellion. It need not be planned; it more likely than not will be a spontaneous ignition from a trigger event, an unexpected spark. If you look with a long term perspective you can see it approaching. Are we there yet? Closer and closer with each passing day, I say. I am 70 years of age, and expect to see it erupt in my lifetime.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

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I'll take my chances, too.

We can beat any outside "terror" easily.

The full might of a dictatorial government takes a little longer.

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Terror is an intangible

Terror is an intangible invisible abstract concept of the imagination. It's impossible to win a war on an idea of the human imagination.


is the ultimate boogey man.