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Hello NSA. Hello National Security Agency? Rand Paul cameo.

http://youtu.be/qOSIl1f99GU Hello NSA. Rand Paul cameo appearance @ 1:20 minute mark. 2 minute film reel. Dark cloud humor?

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30 Trillion Emails scanned in a DAY, or less

the Cray Titan supercomputer is the fastest in the world: at 17.6 PetaFLOPS, it is almost 20 billion (2 x 1010) times faster than the first supercomputer (the CDC 6600). For comparison purposes, that is the difference between the top speed of a common sloth vs. the speed of light in a vacuum.


This is in reference to the NSA slug that asked how possible it is to read 30 Trillion emails per year sent in the USA. A PetaFLOP is how many instructions per second a super computer can handle.

"Petascale" supercomputers can process one quadrillion (1015) (1000 trillion) FLOPS. Exascale is computing performance in the exaflops range. An exaflop is one quintillion (1018) FLOPS (one million teraflops).

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