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The Official Ron Paul Campaign needs to address the Louisianna vote pooling in a press release.

This needs to be exposed by the campaign HQ. A press release explaining the shady behavior of the other campaigns in this caucus needs to come out NOW.

Ron needs to blow this open tomorrow at the debate.

How is this legal?

I am not sure if I can suppress much more anger at how we are getting walked all over.

PLEASE- PLEASE- PLEASE--- send out a press release demanding explanations from the other candidates.... expose these criminal a$$holes...

PLEASE- PLEASE- PLEASE--- ron- ask the others tomorrow why they had to pool together to beat him there... expose them in the debate... DO NOT LET THIS GO!!!

lets take off the gloves... it is one thing to be above the fray-- it is another to just keep taking hits and doing nothing about it....

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can't the campaign straighten out the confusion?

Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!


i know they won within the rules, but just declare victory. say several times in the press release RP got significantly more votes than any other candidate, and let the MSM figure it all out. be great thing to debate. more controversy the better

HQ needs to declare victory in Louisiana!

Let the OM gnash their teeth when he does...they'll be forced to address the issue!


Huck down next, then Giuliani. It'll be RP, McCain, and Romney before we know it!

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)
Valrico (Hillsborough County), Florida

If you think this wasn't legal

It's because you don't understand what it was all about - please see my post on clarity and sanity. Hopefully you will gain a better perspective on what happened last night.

i read your post...

and it does clear up this mess a little bit...

but i guess i wonder if after each and every disaster--- or perceived disaster-- we will be saying that we need to learn and move on...

one day it will be too late to learn anymore... because this process will be over...

to add to your point of changing people's perspectives about dr. paul--- the way i see it- if the news media now decides to portray what happened in LA- people will think that mccain won-- because that is how it will be spun---

i think the official campaign needs to explain what happened-- and provide their opinion about what happened... and i would like to know what THEY are doing to change people's perceptions... i am sure they are doing alot that i have no idea about.... but i guess it would be nice to know that they are willing and able to counteract moves like we saw last night in LA>..

i appreciate your post and explanation...

Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!


We can present the truth to counter the spin
Soundbite for Dr. Paul:

"It took all of them to gang up and pool their votes in a coalition to beat me in Louisiana - the establishment is sacred silly - on with the revolution!"

Of course it is legal. So

Of course it is legal. So many posters don't understand procedures in parties. This isn't a election run by the government people! Wake up... You can tell whole states none of their votes count. Talk about unfair, but so long as the rules are followed of the _party_ it is completely legal.

I am disgusted

by the democratic process. It is inherently flawed. What kind of an election is it where a 'Pro-Life/Pro-Family' slate can win over a person? The delegate system seems like the BCS. It doesn't matter how many games you win because in the end a few "experts" pick the teams.

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” Barry Goldwater