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Update: Karen Hudes is batshit crazy

Update: she is fucking insane. Sorry for doubting.

This is just a previous post that I made about her. Mods, i would be grateful if you took it down , if you find the time.

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As a guy who works in local

As a guy who works in local medi, I've never heard of this person.

What can you tell me?

Um... Where do I begin?

The has solid proof of every conspiracy that there ever was between the central banks, a worldwide Pravda, and global rule manifesting itself through the bretton woods institutions and the federal reserve.

She has proof of the most massive cover-up in the history of cover-ups to include corruption in every level of government, media, and banking.

She single handedly blew the lid off the NEW WORLD ORDER.


Or google her interviews on coast to coast, Alex Jones, freedoms phoenix, buzzsaw, and soon to be RT, if she doesn't get thrown in jail by Eric holder on trumped up charges on fri.


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

Karen Hudes is pulling back the curtain, if only a little. All the rest of the scandals are trivial compared to what she is showing. If it's all about the money, she is showing us that trail. What the money wants, the money gets.

MSM's focus on all these other scandals is just the "magician, waving his wand".

Look at what the magician is obfuscating.

Just open the box and see

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I think Karen Hudes is beginning to

get some traction. I hope. She did two more interviews yesterday. Here's the one with Jason Liosatos (the same Jason with apparent connections at RT TV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5oSi...!

She returns to court tomorrow, 13th, to defend herself against Eric Holder's false arrest for trespass.

And that's not all---

Producer Katia Illarionova of RT TV is trying to schedule her this week...Tentatively, it'll be Friday 10 or 11 am, ET.

And what's kinda funny is that every time Karen is about to do an interview, or is about to go to court, what ever, she emails the Appropriations Committees in Congress. LOL Pretty clever or just good lawyering... She knows they can never claim ignorance.

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Someone posted this yesterday

It only has 7,000 views but it has just been out since the 1st.

We need to pick one youtube and push it. This one is pretty well done and is less than 30 minutes.

Maybe keep it on the front page?

"Cuz It Matters"!!!



Another one.

I hate to do it



Self bump cuz I think it matters


Karen is worth the shame ;)

I agree with you that her story is the best documented and most devastating evidence and it needs to come out!