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Sen. Lindsey Graham: I would support censoring mail if it was ‘necessary’


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told reporters on Tuesday that he approved of censoring snail mail if it was necessary to protect innocent lives.

“If I thought censoring the mail was necessary, I would suggest it, but I don’t think it is,” he said, according to Yahoo News.

The remarks came as Graham was answering questions about the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, which has indiscriminately amassed Americans’ phone records.
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I can not explain in words the anger this man causes me,,,, seething???? steaming?? not even close to good enuff

I hate this man and everything he stands for and says,,,,, who the h-- can vote for this man,,,, please primary this fool ,,,, except I bet he just turns lobbyist and cashes in on a bigger paycheck

him, McCain and Boehner should go,,,, and in a sea of shame

how does he call himself a conservative ,,,, has he ever read the constitution and if so does he understand a word of it???

he gives any conservative a bad name,,,,, try saying your conservative when this guy is a supposed frontman, senior so called leader of our "movement"
what a joke

I know i'm preaching to the choir here,,, but his face makes me sick and he gets air time and press he doesn't deserve.

he's a backstabbing big gov't neocon

sorry bout the negativity but---- I had to get it out!!!!!

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If Hitler was alive today

He would be proud of the Republican Party social agenda!

Well, of course.

This is the guy that took over Strom Thurmond's spot in the senate.

No train to Stockholm.

Mr. Graham is a conservative.

A conservative today is a social Nazi. I say to hell with that Nazi party and vote Libertarian!

I believe

it is time for this Rhinosaur to leave.

Isn't that upping the anti?

I thought all this was a about collection and observation. Now its censorship of snail mail? Of course, the censorship won't stop there.

Now, will I have the same "compliance officer" assigned to all my communications, or will it be on a rotating basis, or what?

Just open the box and see

I suspect Lindsay Graham

Has our Constitution printed on his toilet paper.

It's in the best interest of anyone who even "REMOTELY" identifies with Liberty to do away with him, and unfortunately I mean out of office.

I am noticing a lot of threads here on the DP garnering support to oust Graham. That is a good thing, let's all show our support!

Grand delusions

Leslie Graham obviously has inhaled too much hairspray, causing grand delusions in his feeble mind.

He can not win re-election in 2014

We can not allow it.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

On Greta tonight a man

(sorry, I didn't catch his name) said that the government has for many years been tracking our mail. Only the outside of the envelope not the content. Gee, I feel better.

Illegal aliens coming into

Illegal aliens coming into the US unchecked doesn't seem to be hurting national security. My keystrokes and email on the internet are on orders of magnitude less harmful than people illegally entering the country. My chances of being killed by a terrorist are less than being killed by honey bees. In what universe can Graham justify needing my personal data given this situation?

You want my private information? Get a Warrant.