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United States of America = Scientific Dictatorship

Did you take your pills today? You will be much happier with your mundane life if you take your pills. Are you a person that thinks of yourself as politically savvy and up to date? Did you watch the state sponsored news today? If you missed it don't worry, the government has everything under control, you can go back to whatever you were doing. Did you remember to take your pills?

Are you generally depressed? There's a pill for that. Does it make you sick to spend you hard earned money? Don't worry. There's a pill that will loosen you up. Does everyday common pains associated with aging cause you trouble? Don't you fret. Opiates are available from a state sponsored drug dealer. Is your kid too hyper? There's a pill for that. Too docile? There's a pill for that. Pills, pills, pills for everything!


A scientific dictatorship can be defined as a form of government in which the citizens are serfs of the state complex but are made to be content with their stations in life through the use of medications and/or sophisticated mind control. Sound familiar?

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