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Mark Klein - The 2006 Version of Ed Snowden

I was still "asleep" back then so I never heard about this guy until now. He talks about the same stuff. This is not to say that Ed Snowden's whistle blowing isn't a lot more significant (Snowden's might get the ACLU's lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the spying program before a judge so that's huge!)

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This was news to me too.

Sounds like most news agency opted not to cover the story back then. The link below is an indepth interview with Mark Klein.


The only reason the government did not jail him was because he didn't have security clearance although he was able to learn what was happening and kept hundreds of documents.

And Investigative Reporter James Bamford

Not sure exactly when this is from but this video has comments that YouTube lists as being posted "1 year ago".

great find

Thanks for sharing, this should be attached to everyone's post on Ed Snowden's exposure of the NSA data mining. The NSA continues to pretend that it has some kind of automatic switch that dumps into a trash bin any domestic data and "ONLY" captures the foreign phone and internet data.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.