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OKLAHOMA: ANY amount of Marijuana found in your system can put you behind bars.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Mary Fallin just approved an amendment to House Bill 1441 that could take some drivers by surprise. The sub-section deals with the definition “under the influence.” What’s new, is that the wording now says that any amount of a Schedule 1 drug like Marijuana found in your system can put you behind bars if you’re driving.

Officials can find those trace amounts in your body fluids. Now the wording includes metabolites, which are part of the breakdown of many substances. Attorney Charles Sifers said with alcohol there is set number of .08. With this law, there is no specific number.

“In this instance any amount of Schedule 1, or any metabolite from Schedule 1, presumes you under the influence.”


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Them boys from Oklahoma


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yeah, the boys from Oklahoma

yeah, the boys from Oklahoma got some problems: