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Well, if they wanna play it dirty...

From the "ganging up" trick that they pulled in Louisiana, they've escalated the terms.

They've forced a hand. We've got to play dirty too or they'll walk all over us.

The question is, what's next? What do we do now to stay on the same footing?

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We are on the same level. Please Join me in getting this going.

Thank you Ron Paul Revolution.
What do you think about calling this one "The Great 'AIR' Raid"

go here for details.


Playing dirty is counter-productive.

This is good that this has happened early in the campaign, it's such an obvious fix and it will make people look at Ron, the trick is to make sure people hear about the great LA theft.

Think about it - all the others had to gang together to stop the man they claim can't win!



No Dirty Tricks

Just good old fashioned politics

See my strategy article here:


so we can take what we learned in LA and move on.

take to the

take to the streets....armed...


Thats comes after the Bush reject rule against 2nd Amend rights.

Hm, I'm gonna have to

Hm, I'm gonna have to disagree and say it's not -that- bad. But we do have to up the stakes.