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"if you see something, say something." (unless that "something" is critical of the state!)

'Just Shut Up or Die'
by Butler Shaffer

Messrs. Manning, Assange, and Snowden apparently took literally the message that has been plastered on public buildings, subways, airports, and billboards: "if you see something, say something." What the "something" is, and to whom your report is to be made, are never indicated, but the reaction of the hacks is clear: don’t have that "something" be critical of the state or its owners!

Perhaps the most lackwitted condemnation of Mr. Snowden is found in the last resort to which all statists eventually come: the public opinion poll. More Americans condemn this man than support him. The Barrabas factor; turning to the well-conditioned mob, whose members probably did graduate from high-school, for the final verdict, has long served the interests of state power. Even now, idolaters of state power are hoping that the rest of us will remain firm in our conditioning, and join in their lynch-mob frenzy.

Those establishment defenders who condemn the Bradley Mannings, Julian Assanges, and Edward Snowdens, have yet to present an indictment that extends beyond the fact that these courageous men have spoken truths that embarrass the institutional power structure. Such consequences may be disruptive of the special interests of the establishment, but how ordinary people are harmed in the process is never explained. Snowden has revealed how the government has insisted on having access to every private piece of information regarding every American. If this is true, and if it serves any valid purpose of the state to have such power, how can it be wrong for Americans to be made aware of this fact? If the state is entitled to know everything about us, why aren’t we entitled to know all the details of state action?


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Tell DHS we're seeing an NSA: Nazi Seizure of America

How bout telling DHS we're seeing an NSA: Nazi Seizure of America?

Those big adverts never have a phone number, though. Who the F are we supposed to contact? 911? Does Janet really expect people to report pressure cookers and backpacks to 911?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Saw something, said something...