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Shots Fired - Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation (A.S.S.)

An Active Shooter Situation can occur at anytime - at the workplace, school, the shopping mall. Each situation is different, each A.S.S. is different:


What should you do if you find yourself in an A.S.S.? Run away? Call for help? Fight back? Homeland Security provides the following tips (embedding and comments disabled due to some people's unwillingness to take A.S.S.es seriously...):


This Albany-Dougherty Metro news report should be a reminder to us all that every bit of training is worth the effort, as even small towns can have big A.S.S.es:


Please keep in mind that children can be most confused and frightened by A.S.S.es and are likely to panic if they find themselves in one. So talk to your kids about A.S.S.es. And remember - if you see something, say something.

-A message from Homeland Security - "Because we love you."*

*("Because we love you" is a registered trademark of U.S. Homeland Security LLC. Unauthorized use will result in 20 years imprisonment and/or a $100,000 fine)

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"...room could have

"...room could have barricaded..."

When pandas attack there's no fighting back.

It's over. Pray for the end to come quickly.

Pandas eat bugs.


I thought that the security experts missed a key survival option. The folks in the interior room. Oils have barricaded the door with all of those tables and chairs. Of course if all of your doors open outward, like in my building, you're kinda screwed.

This played again on local news the saturday before...

the Navy yard shooting.

Pandas eat bugs.

If I were in that situation I

If I were in that situation I think i'd 'Get after that A.S.S'

Serious note:
The last video of the weekend warriors in the swat team was pathetic.

Southern Agrarian

Seriously pathetic.


Pandas eat bugs.

Distraction is the name of the game...

Another A.S.S. may be just around the corner... Do Your Duty. Get A.S.S. prepared...

Pandas eat bugs.