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CNN follows Govt's instructions to change public perception of Snowden; Describes his GF as "pole-dancing superhero"

The girlfriend of self-avowed National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden wrote that she was "adrift in a sea of chaos" after he spilled government secrets and decamped to Hong Kong.

In a post on her blog, Lindsay Mills -- who described herself as a "pole-dancing superhero" -- said she was typing on a "tear-streaked keyboard."

"For those of you that know me without my super hero cape, you can probably understand why I'll be refraining from blog posts for awhile. My world has opened and closed all at once. Leaving me lost at sea without a compass," she wrote Monday, a day after American and British newspapers published Snowden's identity as the source behind their reports on the U.S. surveillance programs.


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"Pole Dancing Superhero"

is in the title on the CNN front page. I hope people have the decency to be offended on her behalf.

But I know who this is for. When people who are mostly jerks, but just short enough of being total jerks to feel guilt, they might grasp at straws to look down on the one they're wronging to feel like they deserved it. This is to deter people from feeling guilt for their jerkdom.

Defend Liberty!