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Lend a hand for a friend of Liberty: Jim Uprichard

Hey Guys.
I know some of you may remember Jim Uprichard from the National Convention last year with the Nevada delegation. You'll also remember he got in a bad motorcycle accident on his way back home and lost some vision and motor skills. Well he has come a long way since then and getting some physical therapy through the VA in Nevada but they haven't been very expedient about it. Right now he is in need of about 12 vision therapy visits that cost about $85 a piece. Faith4us3 has set up a continuous YouCaring link for Jim's medical needs and also a link directly to his paypal account. Jim started out in a lot of pain with not much independence right after his wreck and has made a lot of gains toward recovering his mobility (being able to drive, see clearly the entire day). There have also been a small band of people that have been taking him to all his appointments and helping him at his house in Northern Nevada.


Paypal donations can be sent to:

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bump for Jim

bump for Jim

Southern Agrarian

any new updates on Jim?

would be good to know how he has been faring. it's been over a year since the accident.



Southern Agrarian

Update re: Jim Uprichard

Hello All,

Just wanted to update you regarding our good friend Jim Uprichard. He had surgery on his shoulder and it looks as though he is going to need to have a replacement. They started physical therapy again last week and he started vision therapy as well. Jim recently started some things for his memory as well. We are seeing about getting him some hyperbaric chamber therapy. It should help with healing and memory. We are in the process now and seeing how much it will cost.

Jim had similar injuries as my friend Gina, see her video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GarBqz_Kfo It is really amazing how similar it is. She had this happen in 2009, a long haul for her. So, we know that Jim has a long journey.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Talked to Jim today, he has his vision therapy glasses.

Thank you. He is noticing some improvement and he is starting his classes soon. Things are looking positive for his eye and retraining.

Unfortunately, the VA has stopped physical therapy on his arm. He hurt it even worse recently when he had to move. He was not supposed to use it AT ALL!! He will see his Orthopedic surgeon soon and find out what his next steps will be. He is in pretty bad shape with the shoulder, fortunately things are looking slightly up with his left eye. Please continue to pray and check in with him. Thank you.

Any donations go directly to Jim to help him with whatever he needs, right now, it is vision therapy. AND again thank you.

Daily bump for Jim

Get well Jim!!

Jim's donation site expires soon and we are still quite a

way from reaching the goal to complete his therapy. Please consider helping him or passing this on to others that may be able to help. Thank you.

Please take note. Jim still needs help.

If you feel so inclined, with everyone present on the daily paul right now, giving $5 each we could get Jim most of what he needs for his vision therapy. Thank you to all of you who donated and sent Jim cards and thoughts in the past. Jim is with us on the entire Liberty front. Please consider helping out. Thank you.

We know that asking you to contribute to his hospital bills would be like throwing good man after bad, it would make no sense because he will, more than likely, never be able to pay the over $100,000 debt. However, this is something that will make him better. We cannot get him assistance any other way right now. Believe me I have tried. The Veterans Hospital here takes so much time and paperwork to get anything done. AND most doctors will not even consider taking them.



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix



One needs raw materials to heal.


Free includes debt-free!

In the very beginning of Jim's recovery we were

feeding him raw milk, organic fruits and veges, smoothies, and only clean meat. I was feeding him avocado, chia seeds, eggs from a local, etc. He also takes a product from Eniva which he is a distributor of. The bruise on his left side was enormous and purple as a plum. Four to Five days after he returned the bruise was only an outline. I joke with Jim and tell him that I liked it better when he had no memory because he ate everything I put in front of him. His memory went from 3 minutes to recalling what we did the day before. We kept Jim at his home the first week, but he needed so much help. I brought a hospital bed into my home and finally got some nursing help to come in. But that could not last long because of the enormous cost.

You are taking very good care of him from your description.

Eniva Vibe is a product I would use. I would even try doubling the dose to make sure he's getting enough. He suffered a trauma, the situation is not normal and the needs are above average.

One Capsule morning, noon and night will help with memory challenges. Omega3 (DHA and EPA) are needed to make the neurotransmitters for memory, cognition and perception.

Vitamin D, Testosterone, Estrogen, Adrenalin and Nerve Sheathing are some of the things made from cholesterol.

Antioxidants will be in demand to clean up the reconstruction debris.

Five days a week for over five years Doc Wallach has been diagnosing everything under the sun, including trauma and the special nutritional needs.

I have found his clues to be helpful and science based. http://ksco.com/dead-doctors-dont-lie

Nutrition is the key. Once the body replaces and repairs the traumatized areas, Jim will be able to manage his own rehabilitation, with a little help from friends.

May your prayers be answered.

Free includes debt-free!

Paul, I agree. I will pass your post on to Jim

Two of us that have been caring for him are speaking these same words to him. Nutrition is the key. At the cellular level the body will respond with the proper nutrition and attitude. Thank you for posting.

Eye issues, physical trauma and nutrient solutions...

Podcasts start in 2006, thousand of diagnoses made.


Dr Wallach has told others that in 90 days they will be 80% or better.

Four of us here can attest. one of us with rheumatoid arthritis the other with osteo-arthritis and post surgical issues.

Can people support nutrition, then physical therapy will come naturally? I would start with two health bone and joint packs and a couple of bottles of fucoidz and selenium per month.

Call the program, Doc Wallach is a conservative!

He was the vet with the tranq gun with Marlin Perkins in Afrika back in the 1960s

Now he's a Physician that makes nutrient programs designed to help people live a hundred years or more.

Wish I could send more than advice and best wishes, but I can't at this time

Free includes debt-free!

Like raw milk and non GMO,

Like raw milk and non GMO, home grown veggies?

Southern Agrarian

Sure! And Eggs are needed to rebuilt nerve's sheathing.

Raw Milk is good, butter also. Hollandaise sauce, daily on asparagus would be healing for nerves.

And No bad stuff, stuff proven to degrade a body:
No plant oils except flax
No carbonated drinks an hour before or after meals.
No meats processed with nitrites or nitrates.

Finally, the body needs 90 nutrients all the time. Oxygen deficiency can kill quickly. An iodine deficiency will kill one slowly with goiter.

Each nutrient deficiency has proven to cause 10 or more diseases. Testers eliminated the deficiency and remedied the disease in some 900 cases.

For trauma, nutritional remediation requires 90 days dosed at up to 150% to insure maximum conversion to healthy new tissue. Plus 3-4 eggs per day per 100# body weight.

One Healthy Bone and Joint Pack per 100#. 100 cnt Triple Treat Chocolate per month (Super Super Food).

Use my referral http://paulsplace.my90forlife.com/ Select Join. Select a website name and password. Go to your new website, login and order at 30% off retail. You deal direct with wholesaler.

I paid $10 so that I earn a commission off the sales of my customers at no cost to them.

Myself and 2 others have done the full program for 90 days.

We all proved to our selves that we were malnourished. Cleared up dozens of complaints.

Over 90 days I spent a $1,000 for a 200# dose of 90 nutrients. I traded money for nutritional building blocks. It was the best trade i ever made.

Staying fully nourished is the cheapest insurance available.

The plan is clear to me. Insure enough raw materials as scientifically established to promote full healing.

Whatever is left is trauma. Some of my teeth are gone, that's the facts.

All inquiries are confidential but backed up by the NSA, without my permission.

Free includes debt-free!



Southern Agrarian

A little bit of activity for Jim. It is so nice of you to help

him from so far away. He seems pretty excited about the potential for his vision therapy. I pray it will work well for him. I am thinking about seeing the doctor as well!?

Hey guys, thank you for donating and sending prayers for Jim

The estimate was a little under for his therapy and the initial visit and the glasses, but this is a great start. Jim's attitude is great and believes this therapy will work. (half the battle) Thank you for the bump up and the response. If anyone has any photos of Jim, would they mind emailing them to me. Thank you.

Bump for Jim tonight.

This is great that people are donating. As someone said in an earlier post if everyone just throws down $5 it will help this man to see again. His left eye is a mess....

A couple of people said that posted this on facebook. I hope it helps. Jim is a true patriot....

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.


For today!

Be sure to go look at the links w/videos of Jim, below in the earlier posts.

Jim went to his first appointment.

Thank you for all the help. We will not know the results until he gets his vision therapy glasses. The first visit was over $700. (we were told it would be around $250-$300, but we were not told it did not include the glasses) Jim was able to pay for half due to the donations. He says, "thank you so much". Jim seems to be very positive about what the results will be. He has also lost hearing as well. Finally, the VA had him tested, even though it was asked for back in October. We think that possibly they will give him hearing aids! (?)

He sent some info to his cousins and he said that this is what "Ron Paul" people do. The VA has been stagnate to say the least, but asking for help from this community is fantastic and YOUR CHOICE!! What an amazing concept!

I am shocked this does not have more bumps up.

We here are all against Obamacare and a welfare state. Jim cannot get help as a veteran serving in the Vietnam War. How is it that people are not furious about this veteran not getting the help he needs and deserves? It is awesome to see those who have bumped it and helped though, but only 9 upvotes, hmmmm??

I am not sure if the poster of this understands that Jim is NOT able to drive and see correctly. ??

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

just made a contibution

Wow, I haven't been on dailypaul a whole lot lately so I'm glad I caught this post!

Good to see you.

I have not been on either. I have spent a large majority of time taking care of Jim. About two/three months ago I stopped taking him as often to appointments, but we have a schedule I put together and those Ron Paul folks split up the times to pick him up. This has been really helpful. I make a lot of his appointments and run him on errands about every three weeks or so. (much better than the 3 times per week I was doing). One other gal was bringing him all of his food and taking him as well. It was a challenge, but we could not imagine how Jim was feeling and were glad to help.

Do you have my phone number? Could you possibly call me?

just sent u an email

I had an old email from you...I don't have your number. I'm in northern Calif.

Just sent you an email back....

Jim is very grateful, could not do it without the help.

It could have been me

I was a State delegate. It could have been me, but I was a bit slow pulling my head out of the sand.