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unplug people!

Are you, my fellow DPers, at ALL surprised about these recent "revelations" about the extent to which we are being watched and listened to? I hope not. Most of us were well aware of this intrusion on our privacy, it's just amazing that it's coming to light now, while the dust hasn't even settled from the other "scandals".
Sitting and talking with my husband last night, acknowledging that we believed this was going on for the past decade, we came up with an idea. Unplug a bit people. Neither my husband or I do Facebook, Twitter or even email personal information beyond work related things. We don't pay our bills online. Perhaps one way to deal with the tyranny we're living under, is to stop putting so much personal information out there. Put your devices down more often, and live the life thats in front of you...the people you see, the world outside your door. The internet is a phenomenal tool for seeking information, but why do we as individuals need to consciously put so much of our own identity into the cyber webbing that we now know without doubt is being recorder and monitored?
These are dangerous but exciting times. So many of us who have been awake to the impending police state are watching our predictions and theories become main stream. This is exciting. Whats dangerous, is that the illegal and tyrannical actions of our gov't are being exposed, and yet the American people are still not reacting and responding in a a way that matches the crimes. I was in a group of 10 adults last night, and not one brought up the NSA scandal.
There is still a lot of waking up that needs to happen. In the meantime, how about living the life thats literally in front of you, instead of living through screens and phones. Plant a garden, talk to your neighbors, go on a walk with your kids, and put the devices down. Jump out of the cyber web a bit more and make your corner of the Universe a better place to dwell. There is much that is out of our control, but there are still ways we can consciously choose not to participate in the madness that surrounds us. Stay informed, spread the word and enjoy whats in front of you.

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I understand and agree with

I understand and agree with most of what has been posted in comment to my unplug forum. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets have been incredibly important across the globe in bringing people together and spreading messages of truth and liberty. Im not suggesting we completly go off grid, because yes, it's here to stay and we must now use it wisely and make peace with how its changed us. We must use it for good, even as it is used to take away our liberties. And yes, I do believe that these scandals being brought out from under rocks and brought into the light can absolutely trigger more people to wake up, more people in positions of power to peacefully stop cooperating with evil.
My suggestion, as the intensity of geopolitical events increases, that we remember that our lives still belong to us. The government can't take your piece of mind away from you when you are out in your community creating positive ripples and sustaining yourself through varies practices( hence the garden). Afraid or nervous that things will come to a head, and you may not have access to food for your family? Grow some. I'm simply suggesting that less of our time be spent with a screen in front of our eyes, and live life to it's fullest. Since we now know, without any doubt, that these communications are kept, looked over and scrutinized, lets minimize them. Use it only when necessary. It doesn't mean THEY win, we win because we are pursuing our happiness in our little corners of the world. I don't think BIg Brother is winning when I leave my phone at home to walk the field behind my house.
As things intensify, somedays all we will have is what we've surrounded ourselves with.


With all due respect, that's not what most of us should be doing

Planting a garden, developing relationships with neighbors, etc, are good things to do, and balance is important. However, to unplug and avoid social networking and other online tools is to squander MAJOR opportunities in the fight for liberty. If you're a whistleblower and at risk of being targeted by the government, sure, it would make sense to try to avoid creating a digital footprint and watching your tracks. But the internet, especially social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are possibly the most effective tools for waking people up and bringing people to our side. Many of us have converted scores of our friends and influenced countless others through tools such as Facebook since it's perhaps the most non-invasive way to make people aware about what's going on. Sure, they're designed to make it easy to spy on us, and using them might help the police state a little in building a more complete profile about us, but unless we avoid using cell phones, email, texting, credit cards, etc, it will only make a marginal difference to avoid things like online networking. The more effective tactic is to use these tools against them by spreading the truth. Also, if we let them intimidate us to the point that it curtails basic freedoms when we are doing nothing wrong, that is a win for them, not us.

If only it were that easy.

The problem is that the technological genie is out of the bottle. People love all the technology we have and rush to get it. The latest gadget, easier access, quicker service, more information, etc, etc...

These things are great when we think of how they make our lives "easier" but the fact is that just like everything else it is a double edged sword. You cannot have all the good that technology brings without suffering all the bad that comes with it.

Surveillance is hear to stay. Loss of privacy is inevitable. The technological genie is out and it can't be put back in the bottle. It is amazing how people think they can have their proverbial cake and eat it too.

You say unplug and that sounds great but that is becoming more and more impossible. Eventually you must submit to the "advancements" of society. We are slaves to our own devices so you people better get used to it.

You think that just because all this abuse and scandal is coming to light that it will change the direction we are headed? Get a grip. Again I say that everything is a double edged sword and you can't just have it one way. There is no turning back now from the monstrosity we have built. There is no return to the "good ole days". You love your computer? Then get use to the other edge of the sword.