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How Does It Feel?

How does it feel that you are financing your own loss of rights, rights that are inherent, that you were born with?

How does it feel to continue to give your money to a nwo government that you do not agree with, to give your money to those who openly criticize you and imply that you are a threat?

Each night before you go to sleep, remind yourself that when you wake up the next morning, you will have given more of your money to fund the ones who monitor you against your will, search you, question you, ridicule you, without due process. Soon enough, biometric identification will allow them to do so more effectively, all on your very own dime.

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a poignant posit

right in the NADS ~~ SCURVY wasn't this much fun !

Thanks, pal, you just threw my sound sleeping pattern

right out the window :)

It really is nauseating to ponder this. The average person feels helpless, as do I.

There is a Facebook post in Honk Kong that's organizing a March in support of Snowden, including some of their politicians. Should we (US) not be doing the same? Too short notice, but today would have been ideal in DC during the NSA hearing.

Sorry, it was just a vent :-(

My days are typically very happy and well rounded, but each night before I turn in, this is what I remind myself of.

It is funny how some things are considered important but others are not, even here on the daily paul. Other countries are in the thick of it too, but much more active than we are. We still have threads of 1st Amendment, we should utilize it every chance that we get. Yes, today would have been very ideal.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul