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Very Important NOW! The Choir Effect-We Have a Lot of Work to do IMMEDIATELY!

I am unhappy to report that our perceptions-HERE-are clearly skewed by(for lack of a term) the "CHOIR EFFECT".

We have a clear tendency to over-rate, exaggerate, mis-perceive what the typical American adult is thinking at any given time-IN OUR FAVOR. This is because we are fully engaged-they are not really engaged. We are awake-they are asleep. We know where we are and where we MUST GO ASAP-they are clueless. We want it so bad it grips our every fiber-they think all is basically well.

THE MOST Important cause of our choir effect is we are depressed. The situation is nearly hopeless so it is extremely depressing. We seek solace among the choir and try to boost ourselves with every ray of hope. We exaggerate those rays of hope. Deluding ourselves does not assist our efforts or improve our odds of prevailing. It works against us. We cannot make sound judgements on various courses of action if we have very bad, faulty data on where we really stand at any point in time and the true results of our various attempts to right our ship of state.

Taking an action and then patting each other on the back about how great and helpful that action was to our cause-in each and every case-and with no objective data supporting that conclusion leads to wasting our very limited resources on useless efforts repeatedly.

I raise this NOW because understanding this effect is critically important to US understanding how to take MAXIMUM advantage of the window of opportunity we have regarding the NSA SPYING SCANDAL.

No one knows how long this window in the "News Cycle" will remain open.

Our job is to keep that window open as long as possible for maximum reach and effect for our quest to restore "Constitutional Government".

We have a lot of work to do. I have been querying almost every person I have encountered since this story broke and the results are not good.
I am amazed at the percentage that have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of this story but they have all stated they VOTE every cycle. Those few that have expressed any degree of knowledge were frighteningly unconcerned, ignorant of the implications/dangers or really hadn't pondered this story beyond registering that there is some minor hub-bub about spying.

Not good at all folks.

Please try to do the following to the maximum of your ability as you go about your daily activities:

1. Raise awareness of the NSA story enough so that people will start following it like they would an "O.J. Trial" or similar. Pre-plant the basics of why this is important-CRITICAL to THEIR entire future and why/how the GOV/MSM will try to spin, deflect, minimize, etc. on this story.

2. Try to constantly gauge the TRUE state of mind among the average American voter on this story/issue and report back to the DP/this thread so we can gain a better sense on how well we are doing with this golden, very rare opportunity.

When gauging/measuring and reporting back here on the man in the street, please do your best scientist impersonation in your own mind. Be as objective as you can be, setting aside your desire for others to "get it" like you get it. If you are going to lean any way at all lean on the conservative side. The simplest way to go about this and not let your own bias taint the data is to state in your reports exactly what you said and exactly what the respondent said-Listen to exactly what they say/everything they say.

This is the best opportunity we are likely to ever have to awaken a very large number that cannot ever be reached on any other level because this effects ALL, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Please get active on this and please do your best with URGENCY. STRIKE WHILE THIS IRON IS HOT.

Edward Snowden, like the Founders, has risked EVERYTHING. The effort I ask of each of you is minor in comparison and the least we can do to honor his sacrifice for us.


P.S. One other simple request; Please Bump/Upvote this for maximum DP reach. TYiA

P.P.S. The most important and first step with this opportunity is gaining numbers. Getting more people examining what has really been going on. If we scatter our effort, while this is in the news cycle, on this like boycotts, altering methods of communicating, talking amongst ourselves on how great this is, etc. it will be the same active people scurrying about but lacking the critical mass to make any of those things meaningful or effective. We need MANY more troops-please focus on that first. This story will do much of the work for you but you must get people following the story and following it from OUR mindset.

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You make a fair point,

but as far as this NSA 'news', It's pretty much common knowledge. No one I've talked to this week has even been the least bit surprised about the data-mining. If anything, people seemed surprised that someone 'in the know' had the balls to come out and confirm what most people have long known or at least suspected.

Like Snowden said, most people just don't care enough to actually do something about it except maybe complain a little. (Signing a petition on wh.gov doesn't count as doing something, as it has yet to accomplish anything meaningful.)

However, I can definitely see where you're coming from in a more general sense, and fully agree.

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False directions?

I am not depressed by my perceptions of understanding, the opposite is true.

Confusions of many clear and present dangers are causes of fear, hopelessness, depression, and powerlessness in defense against clear and present dangers.

These words apply:

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it."

That is merely a sound bite, the actual message is contextual, knowable, and proving the point.

If there is ONE thing to be done, sooner, rather than later, then that one thing can be summed up as understanding.

Understand the clear and present danger and obvious workable solutions are then understandable, which then leads to the possibility of realizing remedy.

If anyone, anywhere, is depressed by their initial perceptions of these clear and present dangers, hold on...

These clear and present dangers to everyone include irrefutable evidence in abundance, and here are just three recent examples, from soonest to furthest back in recent history:




Having clear and present dangers invade an otherwise peaceful, honest, productive, and happy life, can cause confusion, fear, and powerlessness.

Understanding how to remove those dangers is not depressing, it is merely another chore placed on the list of things to do each day, when in pursuit of happiness, when the honest individual productive person starts out the day, bravely, resolutely, willfully, defending Liberty, by being productive, by starting the day with less, and ending the day with more POWER, and by refusing to gain POWER through criminal means, with, or without a badge to make crime legal.

End The FED (competitive inventions of legal money)
End the IRS (do 1 above and 2 is no longer as powerful)
Bring the Troops Home (start in the mirror)
Do so by July 4th, 2013, start now, why wait?

If Current Affairs are perceived in such a way as to cause depression, powerlessness, then that is an obvious problem.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it."


AMEN, says this choir member

Well stated.

I believe it is extremely important to take advantage of this window of opportunity. This is a time for action. In addition to trying to keep our "circle of influence" informed on the issues and writing letters to local papers and representatives, I am hoping that someone with skills and influence might organize huge peaceful marches of "citizen outrage" in D.C., and in every capitol in our land. I'd love to see a "million man march" on D.C. I'm hoping that a swell of citizen support for reigning in big govt and rediscovering the Constitution might be demonstrated in a visible way.

I also believe Glenn Greenwald is a very smart guy. We know that he is in possession of many more documents, "dozens of which are news worthy", and I believe they will be released in such a way as to keep the news cycle churning as long as possible. At least, I hope this is his plan.

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Writing letters to our local

Writing letters to our local newspapers is also a good idea; especially in small communities.

Great idea!

Most communities have a local patch, that might be a good place to start..


That is an excellent idea!

Thank You JL4US

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in