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Was Obama Also "Too Cute By Half" When He Said Nobody's Listening To Your Telephone Calls?

Everyone's talking about DNI Clapper's congressional deception, but I haven't seen this particular aspect of it covered and personally I think it could be HUGE.

Clapper's answers, and the White House defense of him, have some really big implications for Obama based on something he said at a press conference about the scandal:


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Shyeah, just like...

'No one's going to take your guns.'

I don't believe a word this lying, hypocritical Traitor says.

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My comment to the Verizon-related article at the New Yorker:

"They ARE listening to calls. In his speech addressing this, while saying 'Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,' watch Obama's nervous salivation gulp and weird eyebrow raise with over-emphasized hand gesture, then awkward quick moment of silence (pleading "please believe me?!") Watch that specific part a few times. And listen to the extremely nervous sounding tone. He is lying his face off. They are recording and listening, and they're probably also listening LIVE. It's all falling apart. He's finished."


For sure. One of the more

For sure. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the leaks for me was seeing how unsettled he was; the sheer level of discomfort so painfully obvious as he made his off-the-cuff remarks Friday.

Here's hoping for much more of that. It is richly deserved.

I want to see the law book dictionary

he uses where 'collected' means 'read'. I also want to see all the cases that have used the word 'collected' tht meant 'read'. I think he's making stuff up as he goes along.

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sorry, they wrote a new law

sorry, they wrote a new law dictionary but it's a state secret. you know, national security and terrorists and the dark side and all that jazz.