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Consumer boycott still viable, hit facebook, Microsoft, etc. in the WALLET.

Almost anything you currently use from Microsoft can be replaced by Open Source software running on the highly secure Linux operating system. Ask me how.

facebook is not required for life.

Stop using Gmail. Why do you want core services outsourced anyway? I run my own mail gateways. And you don't need to login to Youtube to watch Youtubes.

You can run most enterprise services from INSIDE YOUR PHYSICAL FIREWALLS and if you aren't, frankly, shame on you.

Tor is an encrypted network WITHIN INTERNET. Fully worthy of a look.

And Skype just STOPPED being the de-fecto platform for global activism. Some of you will see some of us quietly disappearing from Skype over the next months as we take our traffic elsewhere.


Well, so many of us have been hearing "you are right, you have been right all along, you aren't crazy" that we have a new found credibility to exploit and liberals/centrists understand consumer boycott well. TELL THEM THE ALTERNATIVES! TELL THEM NOT TO DEAL WITH THESE CORPORATIONS. TELL THEM THEY CAN HIT BACK STARTING RIGHT NOW. Tell them it's not even a protest, it's just simple freedom of choice.

-Smudge Pot, currently running Ubuntu and OpenSuse in house, CentOS on external servers.

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What about Mac users?

Them too I guess

what more to say?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.