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The Federal Reserve Funded Hitler's Germany with US Tax Dollars

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False Fronts

If criminals invent a disguise to wear, like The Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, then the little girls aught to realize it before it is too late.





"They" are going to give you fair warning?


Look, please, this is not that difficult to understand.

The Monopoly Bank is only ONE bank, world wide, and it is called various names to hide the fact that it is, and has been, and will be, ONE Monopoly Bank.

When the people running the ONE Bank create Money, they do so for a reason, they buy things, and often they buy Wars, because that is how the victims are rendered POWERLESS to defend against the POWER to write a check for as much Legal Money as everyone else combined.

Think about that some, and even do the math, in a general role playing way, as if you pretend to be one of the people who have the POWER to write a check, a legal check, whenever you want, or "at your pleasure."

This is well documented, with such False words as Quantitative Easing, as in the case of The Federal Reserve, for example, doubling the money supply in 2008.

There are 12 people, supposedly, on The Federal Reserve Board, which is a documented fact, which may be accurate, or it may be just another false front, but it is a documented fact, and those 12 people decide to create more money in 2008.

So...get your brain focused on realizing how that works, get yourself in one of those 12 seats, and vote to create this additional amount of POWER TO PURCHASE, which is a POWER TO PURCHASE that is "legal."

What do you discuss in that meeting of those 12 people?

There must be something in mind, something to buy, you want to buy something, that must be true, since you are thinking about gaining the POWER TO PURCHASE.

How much POWER TO PURCHASE is needed to buy what you want to buy with that money that you create?

You may ask that question yourself.

"How much money do we need to buy what we need to buy?"

What is the answer?

Someone in the group says that we need a lot of money.

Someone says how much can we get away with creating?

Someone else says, how much money does everyone else have?

Someone says, do you mean Federal Reserve Notes, or do you mean all the money in the World?

Someone says, just Federal Reserve Notes, how many Federal Reserve Notes are now being used by everyone on this Planet Earth?

Someone searches the records, and finds a number, and that number is tabled, and it says that this is the total amount of all the Federal Reserves on the Planet Earth, every dollar used by anyone on this planet is this number right here, so that is the answer to the question.

Someone says, that much is as much as we can get away with at this time, so I motion to "double the money supply," and you say OK too, we, we The Federal Reserve, now have as much POWER TO PURCHASE as everyone else combined.

What do we buy?

They buy World Wars.

They happily profit before the war, during the boom, they happily profit after the boom and through the bust, and they happily profit during the building up of the war that they buy with the money the stole during the bust, and they happily profit during the war as their demand for their supplies increase on all sides as all sides do not want to lose, so all sides demand more POWER TO PURCHASE more destruction, and they, those Money Powers, those Legal Criminals, profit during the clean-up after the war as every loser, has to ask for, plead for, and get POWER TO PURCHASE reconstruction.

If you do not understand The Business Cycle, which is a Business Psycho that includes such phrases as War is Good for The Economy, then you are probably not one of the group that profits from it, and that means that you are probably one of the group that pays the DEBT.

What are you talking about Joe, you stupid conspiracy theorist?


That is already a demand for payments flowing to China, what do you think that is going to be after World War III, after China "wins," and after the investors in DEBT (made legal) demand payments for all the DEBT created during World War III?

That official, National, DEBT Clock, as "legal" as Federal Income Tax, is categorically INSANE already.

I'm the stupid one, of course.


Doubling paper never doubles wealth!

Doubling the paper, for it is fiat, never doubles wealth. It only lessons it's purchase value by half. In reality it transfers the wealth, the property, the labor, that which God has given a man to enjoy of the fruit of his labor... it transfers it by THEFT, over to the one with the counterfeiting machine, the printing press, the FED machine!

It is far better, far easier, far more efficient, than making gold from lead! It is the perfect manifestation of "Though shalt not steal"! Every Church in the world should have been shouting from the pulpit and house top this evil when it grew it's head in 1913!

None did! Only 800 ministers out of 30,000 in Germany opposed Hitler in the beginning!

If they had, there would have been no Fed, and no Hitler, and no FDR, and no Bush! The Mali would still be at peace and Churches, trade, and friendship would still be the norm.

The people would be employed, earning by their labor, and own their own property!

They would likely be anticipating, and nourishing their unborn!

Fast and Loose with the Fact?

"None did! Only 800 ministers out of 30,000 in Germany opposed Hitler in the beginning!"

How about this information:


I think it is a mistake to place the label of "fiat" upon the face of FRAUD and EXTORTION made legal.

Fraud and Extortion made Legal is a means by which crime is monopolized, and means by which the POWER to defend against crime is Usurped by The Criminals.

Fiat, the word, can be a competitive enterprise of many producers seeking to fill the demand for fiat.

If fiat is a crime, then which crime is it?

As to Churches, which ones?

Here is information on that too: