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NSA Head Senate Testimony begins @ 2PM ET, today (June 12)


ACTIVISM ALERT: Contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee (the ones conducting the hearing) to demand they hold the NSA accountable today!

(202) 224-3121 Senate Switchboard.

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Useless Arguements

So let me get this straight. They basically admit that securing data is extremely difficult and that ongoing attacks from foreign nations and terrorists only make the job more difficult.... Somehow the conclusion/solution is to wiretap everyone's phone and internet communication and store it in a database. Am I the only one finding that to be extremely backward and nonsensical? Its like saying a bank has a big hole in the wall of its vault and the solution is to fill the bank with everyone's money until the wall is filled in.

Nothing in what they speak of makes sense to the situation. It all about security security security terror terror terror. The Security they speak of and Individual Rights and Privacy of Information have nothing to do with each-other, but that is all they speak. What a waste of time.

this month

We are only into the second week and it is like a Return to Nurumberg is needed. Only the solution is lethal injection insstead of the gallows.

CNN stating "dozens" of terror plots thwarted

NSA says dozens of terror plots thwarted through domestic spying program in Senate testimony.....but couldn't provide any details because it is all classified.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

ya..the Rosie text message was probably the best

of anything said.

Lots of smoke being blown around

Also did any one catch when the chair mentioned the bit about protecting cures for cancer from being stolen from the fda?

Jacksonville, FL

they are going on as if the

they are going on as if the gathering, storing, and building spy systems is already accepted, their not questioning that AT ALL

Misdirects, diverts,

Misdirects, diverts, unanswers, pr woman passing notes from the back, promises to answer questions on paper on later dates, its a bleeming circus show

"classified", "threats", "terrorrists", "good for the country""our security""future security""americans will die""constitution(lip service)""thankyou i appreciate that statement""your the right person for the job""cyber attacks...this is what our men and women are up against""i have great confidence in senator feinstein""i am very proud of our milatary".....thats over the space of 45 minutes

You know one person who would be asking relavant, clear and precise damn questions.....who takes these things seriously

Other then ron paul, the person whose been asking damn relevant questions all week, the person who has the sharp mind to explain EXACTLY what he means, by the questions he asks......where are you glen (i know, hes not a senator....but at this point, i dont care, all i care about is the right person, asking the right questions, and recognizing and CALLING OUT the BULLSHIT

Oh, another thing, why are they making jokes, why are they treating this as some non issue

None seem to be in touch with the liberty crowd, they no doubt wouldnt want to risk certain questions being asked, in certain ways, (something they know to do very well), question that would be self evident, in the nature of what is right, and what is wrong, in a FREE NATION

im a little late to the live feed, and its still going on, so i could be happily proven wrong

Another note
Your senate needs more representation from people less...."old guard"......i dont trust em

Sorry, i dont mean to be like this, but unless ive missed something, or if this is just the beggining of the investigation......this senate questioning is completly and utterly lacking,


Hi all

With all the propaganda out there, we need to remind poeple this tool they built is essentially a weapon to discredit poeple. Anyone with an opionion or independant character will be held inline with a threat of any dirt that has been collected.

Give poeple an example where this has been used, eg that General dude who resigned after they showed his emails with an affair he had. There is so much data that it would be impossible to pinpoint everything dangerous with the data alone to be justified as a tool, but very very powerful for those that want to target poeple that get in their way.

This is very much like in the days of Stalin where a mere whisper of independant thought got you dragged off, never to be seen again. This is essentially what it will lead up to.

I sense that the plebs doing the actual leg work collecting the data aren't the real evil and probably doing as they told, whats more sinister is 3rd party scum that probably have access to this info via backdoor channels (WE ALL KNOW WHAT COUNTRY WE TALKING ABOUT HERE) this is very very dangerous... WHEN THEY ROUND POEPLE UP, THEY'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHOS DOORS TO BASH DOWN.

This can go 50/50, the elite have revealed all their cards, and they will see where the chips fall, I predict a good chance that no one goes to jail, that they control both houses through the republican/democrat scam. Even if Rand wins, they'll hold much of the power and poeple will grow complacent to their rights getting taken away.

Make a difference by living free, take your kids out of school, switch the tv off, set up independant Telco networks or teach each other about encrpted programs.

What did Sen. Udall have to say? I missed it!

Sen. Coates (IN) said basically that Americans don't really understand how the program is working and needs reassuring. BS!

Udall was asking some good to the point questions

and then the Chair stopped him...a bit later the Rosie text message was received by the Chair about her stopping him.

Sen.Collin (ME) asked Gen.Alexander

about the statement E. Snowden made that he had the capability to tap into any call, email, etc..at any time. Gen. Alexander said that's false - he knows of no such capability.

What say you all?

SteveMT's picture

He wants to remain on the Titanic.

He is in denial of the water rushing in. He can deny that to himself, but not under oath to us.

Holy Crap

Sharing our stolen info with all the agencies.
They brought out the A team.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

I want the Federal Government

I want the Federal Government to answer this one question;

What is the total digital hard drive volume, in terms of Gigabytes or Zettabytes, of all communications data the Federal Government currently has in storage on American citizens?

Breaking News: The US

Breaking News: The US Government is the worlds largest cyber criminal. Planet Earth scrambles to protect itself against US Government cyber attacks. US is Hacking China and Hong Kong as reported by the Guardian. US Cybersecurity is a scam.

They're ALL warmongers!

This is ridiculous----typical piggish do-nothing Congress & Senate----performing damage control.

Public Action Required - Stopwatching.Us

With enough outcry from the public, perhaps something will be done.

A coalition of more than 80 rights groups and internet companies have launched a website, StopWatching.Us, which has called on Congress to launch a full investigation.


It's past 2 EST and the

It's past 2 EST and the stream isn't going yet - is there a different link?

Started late....

Live, now.


Thanks. My stream keeps

Thanks. My stream keeps buffering :(. I'm on a massive connection, must be a ton of people watching.

SteveMT's picture

List of Appropriations Committee Members, Ugh.

These people are not exactly friends of Liberty.


For once, I hope these Senators will put their country before their puppet-masters.

Well, you can take Lautenberg off that list.

I will have to watch it to see if his replacement got his seat, since I really am not all that up on how it all works. If the replacement (Christie appointee) does get his seat, it will be interesting to see how he handles himself. The truth is, I don't think I can stomach watching those others strut and pander.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Crap, I hadn't even

Crap, I hadn't even considered that...

*takes popcorn out of microwave, saves it for later*

That being the case, can we predict how this meeting will go down before it happens? Here's mine:

Committee: "Isn't it true that there is a terrorist under everyone's bed and the NSA and its top secret programs are super mega totally awesome and we need more of them?"

Keith Alexander: "Why yes, all of that is true. Are my balls comfortable on your chin?"

Committee: "Absolutely! Would you like a backrub?"


Oh snap! *puts bigass bag of

Oh snap! *puts bigass bag of popcorn in the microwave*

Great idea!

I am going to do that, too, now. :)

Can you add some of this info?

ACTIVISM ALERT: Contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee (the ones conducting the hearing) to demand they hold the NSA accountable today!

(202) 224-3121 Senate Switchboard.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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